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  • Blag Takeover - Farewell at 90 by Duane

    We just had two beloved clients leave us for a Southern climate. Duane and his amazing wife Jodi have been working out at WIP since last summer. I am sure most of you know them both for their "never-quit" attitude and constant smiles. We wish you both the best on your continued wellness journey. We miss you already and if you are ever in the area we look forward to doing burpees with you again.

    The Entire WIP team

    Farewell at 90

    By Duane

    As my family is entering a new chapter of our lives relocating to Boca Raton, FL, I would like to reflect on my personal transformation as a I say farewell to WIP Fitness.   Eight months ago after I reached my heaviest weight in a very long time, I decided I needed to get healthier and become a positive role model for my family.  It was time for a radical change for me, to start taking group fitness classes and change my eating habits.  I used to feel that since I was so overweight and out of shape, I would be too embarrassed to workout in a group fitness class.  Now, I can't imagine not working out this way.  When I used to go the gym on my own, it was a workout of going thru the motions but never got the same intensity and results as a class at WIP.

    This journey has really been like going from couch to gym plus changing my eating habits but not going on a diet.  The key reason I say it is not a diet because this is a lifestyle change that is sustainable. At a high level, I made the follow changes to my eating habits and lifestyle

    • Significantly reduce the amount of carbs I eat. For example, I will eat a hamburger on a lettuce wrap but yes, I still eat hamburgers.  I hardly eat pasta instead of almost every day.

    • No longer have desserts almost every day, but have real desserts once in awhile.

    • Make smarter eating choices when going out to while still allowing myself cheat meals.

    • A major change is working out 4 to 5 times a week in group fitness

    My time at WIP has taught me a whole new vocabulary.  For the most part, I could barely do these activities initially.  The coaches at WIP are very supportive, help with appropriate modifications and give the right amount of motivation without intimidating you.  Now I can physically do:

    • KBS - kettlebell swings

    • Planks - when I started, I barely held one for 5 seconds, now I could do it for a minute+.

    • Push-ups

    • V-ups

    • High knees

    • Deadlifts

    • Turkish getup

    • Russian Twists

    • 50+ Jumping Jacks in a row

    • Lets not forget everyone's favorite: BURPEES

    I would like to sincerely thank all of the coaches at WIP, especially Paul, Leah and Patrick.  You guys kicked my butt and I truly appreciate it.  I always loved the Saturday and Sunday workouts, they have an extra kick to them.

    Besides the coaches, I would to thank all of WIPsters. I never once felt embarrassed working out here.  It was always very encouraging when someone would randomly tell me how great I look since I first started at WIP.  

    Mary Kate and Laura, you have a great place, with the best coaches and members.  Thank you for building such a great community for working out. Best of luck as you expand to Hartford.  Jodi and I will truly miss our WIP workouts.

    If you are still reading this, let me explain the title.  I am definitely not 90 years old.  However, I did just reach the milestone of losing 90 lbs since I started this journey last June.  I used to joke with my wife that I just want to a “normal fat guy”.  I can proudly say I am now a “fit normal fat guy” .   I never expect to be a skinny guy, however, I look forward to continuing on this healthier lifestyle journey.