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  • WIP Magnet + Free Coffee = LOVE

    One of the first WIP merchandise purchases we made 4 years ago was the WIP Magnet.  We gave out these little bumper stickers hoping a few people would throw them on their cars and help spread the word about WIP.  We greatly underestimated their power.  

    It still excites me to be driving around town and spot a WIP magnet (even more exciting when I don't recognize the car).  My kids have a running game of "who can spot a WIP magnet first".  I love when Neighbors and friends tell me they see WIP magnets all over town.  I recently got a text from my brother in law who was driving behind a car in our hometown with a WIP Magnet (north of Boston, 2 hrs away and wasn't a family member).  We even got our first WIP Magnet Member Referral last week!  So thank you all for throwing that little magnet on your cars and for sharing the WIP love.  

    To show our thanks we have partnered with Harvest Country Store & Truffles Bakery to give you a treat.  If you are spotted with one of our car magnets, coffee is on us!  We have restocked both gyms with our car magnets so please grab one next time you are in and slap one on your bumper.  Thanks again for sharing the WIP Love!!!

    Best, Laura & Mary Kate