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  • Blog Takeover - I walked in with power and sore Beca

    We received this email a few weeks ago from a longtime client and asked if we could turn it into a blog post. We are so happy she said Yes. Thank You Beca for your amazing words, you are what WIP is all about.

    MK and Laura

    This past year was a year of reflection for me, I learned a lot about myself from WIP. I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason. I remember one mom saying how she wanted me to try this boot camp place. I thought to myself "um no thanks I can't do that only crazy fitness people do that". A couple of winters ago I gained a bunch of weight and I wasn't feeling the best about myself. I have tried working out on my own and that didn't go over well because as soon as I felt any pain or didn't like a exercise I would stop or skip it. I did my first challenge with you because I really needed a jump start. I remember seeing Luis and thought oh man I am so not ready for this. The first workout wasn't bad it was the second, third and rest of the days that were hard. I was working 12 hour days and working out with your coaches. At my position I deal with people that I have to prove my skill because I am a female. With your coaches being so motivating it really boosted my moral and I just shined with the confidence that no one questioned me. I walked in with power and sore muscles. I remember Luis saying how do you want to end your day, do you want it to be good enough or the best effort ever or something like that. I would go into work with that mind set and it really paid off.

    Your name for your fitness place keeps getting closer to my heart. After I faced my challenges at work and showed that I am deserving and awesome at my craft. I am truly a Work In Progress, as I grow and get better I love your staff for being so encouraging. Sometimes I feel like they get a peek at my life when I hear Leah saying "dig deep out of that dark place push!!", Paul playing awesome music and saying how we can push out two more reps and Patrick putting that heavier weight in front of you expecting. I have never once felt intimidated to workout here no matter how much weight or lack of weight I can pick up.

    I have reached a peek and now is my real crush time. I need to push and as Zack said "Try to get 1% better than the last time" that is reflecting my workout time and home life. As I set my path in this crazy world I am glad that I have WIP to help me clear my head and help me understand my purpose in this world. This is the time I really need to push the hardest to be the best and conquer my path that I am deserving of. Without WIP I am not sure I could ever completely understand this, I not only have to push harder in the workouts because I know I could do better, but I also need to push harder to achieve the personal goals I set for myself. It's going to suck but the end result is going to be amazing and the pay off will be 100000% happy. I think its important for you to know that you are awesome, thankful I can workout with you and your awesome coaches. I am proud to be a WIPster!!

    So thankful,