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  • April Programming Goal-Emphasis on the Bookends

    WIPster's we have listened to your survey requests and as we head into April we will be focusing on the bookends of your workout. You will experience a variety of different warmups along with the addition of an optional cool down this month as well. Our goal is to make sure your body is primed for the task at hand and then recovered for the next days workout.

    You will see a bit of a change in the layout of the workout this month, I am persoanlly very excited.


    The benefits of a good warmup and cool down are tremendous. Think of it like going to the movies. Before the featured presentation you are entertained by previews of other movies which prepares you for whats to come next and after the movie you have the credits, which we often don't stay for, but if you stay long enough you may get the benefit of seeing the bloopers.


    As you warm the body up you experience the "exercise previews" where you increase body temperature and blood flow to your muscles, surround your joints with synovial fluid which protects and cushions your joints, and you increase your body's range of motion in multiple directions. You prep your body for work.


    Unfortunately the cool down has received the reputation as the "exercise credits" where many of us are ready to move on with our day and avoid anymore extra movement after a punishing finisher, but remember if you are consistent with it you will reap the rewards (and I'm not talking about your own personal bloopers). The greatest benefits of the cool down is that it gradually reduces your heart rate closer to its resting rate, it continues to circulate blood flow throughout the body which is a crucial step in the recovery process, and it unlocks muscles that have been tightened throughout the workout.


    All these steps are being taken to assure you that we are doing our very best to bulletproof your body in order to steer clear of injuries and help you maximize the quality of your workouts with us.


    All you hard core WIPsters worried about losing work time, don't you fret, the rest time has been reduced between the earlier sections so you will get just as much WIP "fun" as before only now with the benefit of a focused warmup and cooldown.


    Cheers to the warmup and cooldown!