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  • Challenge Programming Goals

    Well its that time again. Time to "spring" into summer fitness and what better way to do so than to commit yourself to our 5 Week Challenge. Not only will you get the chance to participate in our fun events and unique offerings but you will also be able to enjoy the camaraderie of getting your sweat on with like minded people.


    This May our programming will center upon allowing everyone the opportunity to get a healthy dose of strength, metabolic, and of course some Friday fun day endurance. Our schedule for the next 5 weeks will look like so:


    1st, 3rd, and 5th Week

    Monday- Metabolic

    Tuesday- Strength

    Wednesday- Metabolic

    Thursday- Strength

    Friday- Endurance


    2nd & 4th Week

    Monday- Strength

    Tuesday- Metabolic

    Wednesday- Strength

    Thursday- Metabolic

    Friday- Endurance


    No matter what your fitness goal may be, or which type of workout you prefer, it is always important to incorporate all modes of fitness into your routine instead of picking and choosing one type of workout mode all the time. One day you may work really fast, one day you will work a little slower, and another you will work longer.


    Metabolic style workouts push you to work at high intensities for short to mid length intervals of time (typically less than a minute) before you rest. Your goal is to get that heart rate up really high when working. This can challenge a combination of both your anaerobic & aerobic capacity depending upon the workout. A well known metabolic style workout is Tabata timing of 20 sec of strenuous work followed by 10 sec rest.


    Endurance workouts challenge you to sustain and endure longer work times with minimal rest. Your intensity will not be as high as a metabolic workout but working your aerobic system for longer periods of time will help train you, both physically and mentally, to overcome the task at hand no matter how difficult it may be.


    As for strength workouts a common misconception is that they are designed to get you bulky but that is not the case whatsoever. The reality is that these workouts allow you to slow down a little bit, and lift heavier weight to strengthen (think dense, not bulk) the muscle fibers after a lung busting metabolic workout or cardiovascular centric endurance day. You will also work a different energy system within the body while you rest the other. Working and resting different energy systems allows you to come back stronger the next time you perform a similar type of workout. So a good rule of thumb is to never skip strength day...unless of course you need a day off. Trust me, your body will thank you.


    To Challenges!