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  • June Programming Goal... Summer Fun!

    Coming off a tough Challenge month I hope you feel as if you have experienced gains in your overall fitness, achieved the goals that you had set for yourself for the month, and ultimately created positive lifestyle habits that will continue for a lifetime.


    “So how can I possibly keep motivation and energy high after a Challenge month ends?” you say. Well you’ve come to the right place. Enter “Summer Fun.”


    The idea stems from two female owners (will remain nameless for the purposes of this story) who after morning classes one day frolicked through the gym reminiscing of their glory days and wishing there were special WIP workouts dedicated to some of their favorite 80’s movies. After the conception of their idea I was caught off guard while exiting the bathroom as one of them, whose name rhymes with  “Aurora Leever,” approached me with this life dream of theirs. She was so filled with hope and excitement I couldn’t say no. Then and there I succumbed to the inevitable- the first Karate Kid and Rocky themed WIP workout!


    If I had to describe this month in two words it would be “Variety” and “Fun.” This is what you get to look forward to and be a part of this June:


    Meathead Monday- Focus will be on strength with one “Rehab” strength day to kick off the first day. After a killer month of heavy strength workouts it will be good to take a much needed step back to deload and strengthen the body in a different way to perform stronger in the future. The following Monday will get you back into the heavy mode with a fun Partner workout.


    Tabata Tuesday- Focus is all about the highly effective Tabata interval of 20 seconds work/ 10 sec rest. ‘Nuff said.


    Washboard Wednesday- This day is all about chiseling that 6 pack and much more! The majority of the movements we focus on at WIP are full body compound movements that are always challenging for your core but this day is special in that we put a little extra focus on your Abs, Hips, and Trunk to keep your body solid, stable, and fortified. Expect to also practice your single leg balancing skills :)


    Throwback Thursday- For all those veteran WIPster’s out there, you might appreciate these the most. You will get to experience some classic movements and a finisher that you haven’t seen in awhile.


    Fun Flick Friday- The weekend is here and the time is right! This is when you get to let loose after a long week and embrace your inner Daniel-San or Rocky Balboa with a Karate Kid and Rocky themed workout. Expect a lot of punches and many butt’s to be kicked as you replay the same glory days of those two unnamed women above.


    To Summer Fun!!!