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  • Hartford is Coming

    We've been so anxious to share the details of our third WIP location in downtown Hartford and we are thrilled to say we are almost there.  We have been working nonstop and hope to have our doors open by the end of July and we will keep you updated on the final touches. 

    Although not all the details have been finalized, we are beyond excited to bring WIP Downtown and wanted to share some of the things we DO know for sure and answer some of your questions.

    1) We WILL have showers. The building of men's and women's bathrooms with showers explains the lengthy buildout.

    2) We WILL have early am classes, lunch session(s), and evening sessions, and plan to be open over the weekend. As with our other 2 locations, our schedule will evolve based on client demand, but we look forward to opening with a robust schedule.

    3) There is free parking on Pratt St before 8 am, and there is typically plenty available street parking on surrounding streets.  We are also working on negotitating WIP rates with a local garage.

    4) We hope to have all of your favorite WIp coaches working in our Downtown location as well as in WeHa and Avon. 

    5) WIP Downtown is located at 55 Pratt St and we are so excited to be part of the vibrant Downtown landscape and especially excited to be part of the Pratt St community.  

    We were inspired by our NEW DOWNTOWN address at 55 Pratt Street, we thought what better way to mark the location than to offer you your first month at WIP Downtown for $55. This is a presale and only the first lucky 55 people will get this great deal. This rate applies to New and Current clients but can only be used in our Downtown location. The pass will activate when you attend your first Downtown class. If you are a new client you will still be entitled to your free week trial and the pass will be activated at the end of your trial. You can purchase the pass at our online store

    We will continue to keep you posted on all updates as they come.  We continue to work hard to bring WIP workouts to Hartford within the month and look forward to working out with you soon at 55 Pratt Street!

    Hartford Has It...and we are excited to be part of it,

    Mary Kate and Laura