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  • Lets start July out with...A RUN?!?

    Patrick, Leah, and Zack have written some great workouts for July. Read on for Patrick's details of what we will be up to this month at WIP.

    I hope you enjoyed this past month’s “Summer Fun” workout theme filled with new achievements to your roundhouse kick and shredded washboard abs :) !


    Taking advantage of this amazing summer weather we will direct our July focus on being “Runfit!” Our programming for this month will incorporate a little more running than usual to keep that heart rate high and your WIP body fit.


    Coming from a running background I have always found extreme benefit intermixing short bursts of running into my strength and conditioning  workouts to provoke a stimulus that can improve both work capacity (ability to do more work) and stoke the metabolism to burn calories for hours post workout and often times days.


    In order for you to capitalize on these benefits, you have to make the most of each short run interval and keep your intensity level very high. Yes, it will feel  uncomfortable but just remember this saying “My effort expended will determine the reward I will reap.” The same can be said for any non-running movement in our workouts as well as almost anything we aim to accomplish in life.


    I know that many of you non runners out there are thinking “Oh great, my nightmare has become reality,” but fear not, you will not be running everyday and when you do run it will be doable to the point where you might actually like it...maybe. So expect some kind of running and/or agility movements (yes I will categorize agility in the running category)  interspersed at different points throughout the week.


    So whether you end up walking, jogging, running, or sprinting always remember just how awesome you are for showing up each day and giving it your best. Commit yourself to being 1% better everyday so that one year from now you will be 365% better than you ever thought you could be.



    Be great,