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  • What type of gym is WIP?

    A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office, meeting with Patrick. Patrick had recently attended an industry conference in Rhode Island and had some questions for me. He asked, “What type of a gym is WIP?” When he was at the conference that was asked over and over. Are we a weight loss gym, a women’s gym, a power-lifting gym? I’ll admit I was surprised that the answer didn’t just roll off my tongue. I focused on answering what type of gym WIP is to ME, and Patrick asked me this question on the perfect day.


    I had just finished 1 of my favorite weeks of the year. Our annual week in the OBX in North Carolina. I had eaten and drank more in 1 week than I normally do in two. I didn’t exercise at all, minus some intense beach paddle ball and Kan Jam sessions. We drove home 13 consecutive hours, woke up the next morning and drove directly to Gilette Stadium to see my all time favorite band U2 and while at the concert I received a call from our contractor for our Downtown Hartford location setting up a meeting for first thing the next morning. It was not going to be a good meeting. We didn’t get home until 3 am, I couldn’t sleep, so woke up at 6:00 am and attended a very intense workout with Patrick in WeHa. I can’t remember the last time I was more physically tired since having three babies at home under the age of 4. But one hour later, I felt better than I could have imagined. I had 6 amazing workout buddies, a ridiculously talented and energetic coach and felt ready to take on not just the world but also the stresses of an over budget and way behind schedule construction project.


    The simple answer, I am not going to tell anyone what type of gym WIP is. I know what WIP is for me. WIP is a place that you can lose weight, build muscle, get toned, beat personal bests but it is also a place that you can relieve stress, forget about a nagging problem and meet friends. In many ways this explains why we have shied away from a lot of the recent fitness trends. For instance, the heart rate leaderboard craze has always turned me off, some days I am not looking to push as hard as others, some days just showing up and moving through the workout at my own pace is all I’ve got and I don’t want to compare myself to what others are doing. Some days I wear my own monitor and receive private satisfaction from kicking serious ass, but that is my choice.  Sometimes I compete in the weight loss portion of challenges and sometimes I am not there. The same reason we don’t ever force anyone joining our challenges to take before and after pictures or change their profile pictures to advertise for us. These business decisions are dictating what WIP is and I feel like that should  be up to each WIP client. And whether WIP is the best part of your day, we celebrate that as much as if you think it is the worst part of your day, we just feel so happy that you chose to spend an hour of your valuable time with us and want to help you reach realize whatever you have set out to do within our four walls, no matter what that is.


    Mary Kate