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  • Why WIPsters should practice Yoga...

    "I can't do yoga--I'm not flexible enough!"

    It's the most common excuse I hear for why someone can’t practice yoga. And it's ironic, because it's one of the main reasons someone should practice yoga. Yoga can and will make you more flexible.

    Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me also say that yoga is for everybody. I mean it—everybody. Bring me your tight hamstrings, your inability to touch your toes, your wobbly balance, your busy mind and fidgety body. All these may lead you to believe that you aren't suited for the practice, but it's all exactly why you should try yoga. 

    Need more reasons? There are hundreds of benefits to yoga, but I'll just touch on a few, especially those pertaining to WIPsters. 

    Yoga improves your range of motion and mobility, which will help in nearly everything you do in your WIP workouts.

    Yoga helps you focus. When we hold poses, we focus our gaze and our breath, and this leads to improved concentration off the mat. 

    Yoga helps improve your balance. 

    Yoga gives you very important time and space to relax. Chances are, most of us don't get to do this enough. But whether it's the short meditation at the beginning of class or the blissful Savasana rest at the end, these moments are so vital as our lives become busier and busier. 

    Yoga really is a workout. It's so much more than just "stretching” (another common misconception I hear). It engages muscles you don't necessarily use all the time, and as we flow through poses, you can and will definitely work up a sweat. 

    Yoga relaxes the nervous system, which, among other benefits, can help with insomnia and help you sleep better overall.

    Yoga loosens and lengthens tight muscles, which is a perfect counter to your WIP training, running, or other sports. 

    So come join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 in West Hartford! Please keep in mind that if you are attending the 9:15 am workout on Sundya you are welcome to stay for yoga free of charge.

    And if you have any concerns before your first class, feel free to reach out... I’m happy to answer any questions: