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  • Bad habits die hard...time to RESET and re-start (again). 3 weeks for $50. we go again.  After an amazing summer of indulgences and fun (oh, and maybe a little may have heard we opened our third gym a few weeks ago) we are ready to send the kiddos off to school, establish routines and schedules, and hit the "RESET" button.  Much like the picture below, our intentions to maintain a life balance didn't quite workout for us this summer.

    It's no surprise that when we look back at our BLOGs the past few Septembers we have written similar posts (check out this blog post "Re-Boot" from 3 years ago! which I could have easily written today:  Bottom line; September is a great time to recommit to your self and get back on track and we are here to make it a little easier for you with the 3 week WIP RESET PASS.  

    Come workout with us September 5-25th unlimited for only $50 and let's help each other get back on track.   We will provide you with great workouts as well as incentives and prizes along the way.  And for any member that needs a RESET and wants to join us, if you workout at least 10 times between September 5-25th, we will take $10 off your October Membership (just email and let us know you need a RESET)!  

    You can purchase your 3 week unlimited pass here:

    We look forward to working out with you (and reestablishing more balence in our lives) soon,

    Laura & Mary Kate