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  • September Programming Goal

    “Back to Life, Back to Reality”


    Well it’s that time of year again when we all tear up a little as the summer sun and fun fades away and the “routine” begins again. Most vacations have come to pass and the time for a good speedo tan is on its way out. As the post summer blues begins to set in some of you who are settling back into your office jobs are spending half of your working day scrolling through pics of your time at the Cape or somewhere else across the universe while others are preparing for that first day back after having much needed time off. Parents who have youngsters are wishing them off to a new and exciting (and hopefully productive) school year but also anticipating a schedule of homework assistance, school pickups, and PTA meetings. The underlying theme being...more responsibilities-eh!


    Well have no fear WIP is here!!!  We understand how difficult it is to transition back to normal life and since it’s that time of year again we decided to make our September workout theme as going “Back to School,” but not in the way you might imagine it.


    Let me ask you a question. What comes to mind when you think back to those early days of grade school?  Maybe it’s the remembrance of getting into trouble after a good cafeteria food fight or that secret crush you had that made going to school worthwhile. It might even be the dreadful thought of being forced to complete weekend homework or worse- summertime reading (I know there are some of you who actually liked it ;)!  No matter what thoughts happen to jog your childhood memory I believe that the one universal thing we all envy the most about those school days long ago is recess time.  Anytime people ask me what my favorite subject was in school I always reply, “Recess and lunch of course!” We all understand the amazing pastime of filling our stomachs with a good Lunchable but what was even more exhilarating was when we were given the freedom to run around and play games with our friends. Oh the good ole days!


    Lucky for you the good ole days are making a comeback where we will be incorporating fun games into our workouts this month and some of them you may recognize from childhood past, with a WIP spin of course, to ease you into that fall mode and allow you to relive your playground glory days. It’s that time to bring your game face because the coaches are looking forward to getting you back on track and being the motivation you need to win your day.