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  • WIP Workout Buddy Pass

    Its almost October and at WIP that means its Bring A Friend Month! This year we are shaking things up. 

    Laura and I have been workout buddies for going on 7 years and we continue to understand how important it is for accountability and fun factor to workout with a friend. One of the best parts about owning WIP is all the workrout buddies we have met. This year to celelbrate the workout buddy we are offering a WIP Workout Buddy Pass or WIP WBP.

    This is how it works. 

    1) Invite a New Friend (or one that hasn't been to WIP in more than 6 months) to purchase a $20 - 2 Week WIP Buddy Pass.

    2) New Buddy must then email or with the name of their  WIPster friend. 

    3) WIPster receives a free class ( on punchcard) or $10 off next months dues (if unlimited member)

    4) Train together at any WIP location and have a blast!!!

    5) New Buddy buys punch card or membership and WIPster gets normal referral bonus


    Rules and regs:

    • Free week trial cannot be combined with 2 week Buddy pass
    • Buddy must be NEW to WIP or not have attended a class in more than 6 months
    • Member must be active punch card holder or Unlimited member
    • Pass must be purchased and activated by 10/15/2017