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  • November Programming Goal

    Suspended in Sweat

    Do you remember those moments in your childhood where you experienced the freedoms of climbing down a rope from your backyard treehouse or balancing on various unstable objects at the local playground? As a kid you never realized the benefits of these physical tasks because you did them for fun, yet you became a better human being because of them. Life wasn’t about how many sets or reps you did on the monkey bars that day, it was all about having the freedom to play because you were able to and by using the imperfect objects around you to climb on, jump from, dodge, and support yourself with, made you more aware, stealthy, and fit.


    Due to our adult responsibilities we may not have the limitless amount of time we once did as young tykes to think about which tree branch we should hang from for the next 3 hours but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t reap many of the benefits that we once acquired back then.


    One of the things I really enjoy about WIP is the variety of movements we program along with the tools we incorporate to get the job done. To be honest I have always been a person who believes in the “less is more” philosophy and that it doesn’t take much equipment for a person to become healthy, strong, and physically equipped for whatever life throws at them. That is why one of my personal favorites for fitting this criteria is Suspension Training- in our case at WIP, the Jungle Gym (JG).



    Walk into most big box gyms today and you will often times find the suspension straps (if they have them) hanging over in the scary dark corner either completely vacant, or worse, being used by some creeper doing weird things with them. This is sad as I believe this piece of equipment is one of the most underutilized and most effective for developing all around functional strength capabilities. There are many benefits to this training method but I have only listed some of them below:


    Balance & Coordination- Being able to support yourself in an upright position with one foot on the ground while having your opposite foot hanging in a strap behind you causes you to wobble, yes, but also challenges your neuromuscular system to help you find your center and coordinate movements.


    Core and Joint Stabilization- Anyone familiar with this tool will tell you that nearly all movements require some sort of core stabilization. When using 2 unstable straps you run the risk of flailing in all directions known to man if your core is not tight and engaged with each repetition, and because of this, the stabilizer muscles surrounding your joints have to work extra hard to keep you in proper posture.


    Scalable- By adjusting how high, low, far back, far forward you position your body you can control the amount of leverage you want in order to increase or decrease the difficulty of the movement.


    Variety- The many movement variations this tool presents allows for a full body workout with only your body weight. The exercises are endless and the fitness rewards are huge!


    This month we will be integrating some new JG movements into the mix as well as adding a little flair to existing ones in an effort for you to continue to reap the benefits of suspension training. Along with this you will also experience some longer round times so that you can get the most out each station and to enjoy sweating it out ;)!


    Here’s to suspending in sweat,