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  • Owning a Small Business

    Owning a small business is a roller coaster ride. The highs and lows come at rapid fire pace. Seeing pictures of 30 WIPsters working together at Fenway on a beautiful fall day to conquer the Spartan brings such joy to Laura and I. The emails we receive from clients talking about how our coaches and our workouts have changed their lives is the most humbling and satisfying part of the job. On the flip side, this month Laura and I were woken with phone calls at the 5:00 am hour with news of a flood in WeHa, no power in Avon (twice), a broken lock which resulted in a broken window in WeHa, a non-working key in Downtown, and too much heat Downtown. Don't get us wrong, the highs always outweigh the lows, and our amazing coaches that have to handle these things are the glue that binds us together. This month Laura and I are celebrating 5 years of partnership, we filed for Work in Progress LLC in Novemeber of 2012. We are so Thankful for all of you who have been on this amazing ride with us. THis Saturday is Small Business Saturday, one of our favorite days of the year. We will be bringing back our 3 pack of punch cards for $33 (limit 2 person) you may gift an additional 3 pack to a friend or family member as well. This is our lowerst per class price of the year. Whether you purchase a 3 pack with us or not, we hope you will consider spending some of your hard earned money at a Small Business this Saturday.

    We look forward to continuing this ride together. 

    Mary Kate and Laura