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  • December Programming Theme- "Holiday Heatwave"

    “Holiday Heatwave”


    The colder weather is finally upon us and the excitement of December festivities brings about a sense of joy as we spend time with those that mean the most to us. As we draw closer to these fun (maybe stressful) experiences our normal schedules and routines can easily go out the window as we succumb to the “Holiday Helper” syndrome where we tend to have our hand in everything and our busyness takes over. We need to beware of this syndrome as it will easily consume our fitness/wellness/sanity goals if we let it. We need that one hour in our day to live in the moment without any distractions, sweat alongside fellow WIPsters, and to feel alive. This time is necessary for making us better wives/husbands/parents/siblings and overall happier and more productive human beings.


    As we embark upon this Challenge month there will be many temptations to forsake our goals, scrap the whole thing, and just partake in what everyone around us is eating, drinking, or doing, but this is not what we signed up for. We accepted the challenge to be better people this season and overcome our weaknesses. We desire to succeed!


    Now despite how much we desire success we must also realize that these moments with family and friends are precious times which need to be enjoyed and remembered and with that comes balance. The reality of the holiday season is that most of us will stay up a little later at times, commune a bit longer, and eat and drink more delicious delicacies that might plague us with guilt, but the good news is that we have coaches who are looking out for you this month.


    We are kicking things into high gear and keeping you toasty with our “Holiday Heatwave” theme which will focus on more metabolically-centered workouts to keep your heart rate up and guilt a little lower. For the last couple weeks of December we will also tweak some aspect of the workouts by progressively changing the time or number of rounds to make it a little bit more of a challenge when you will want it the most.


    We wish you an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to coaching you toward your own personal success!

    Enjoy the sweat,