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  • January 2018 Programming Goals

    I hope that your holidays were full of joy and love as you were able to spend time with family and friends! I also hope that those who participated in the Challenge succeeded in their goals and got the most out of their experience at WIP this past month.


    As we enter a season where many people resolve to make health and fitness a priority in their lives it is unfortunate that most of these resolutions will not last more than a couple of months before the old ways take over and sabotage the amazing benefits of what could have been. For some people working out comes naturally to them and is more of a hobby than another dreaded chore, but for others the thought of doing something active on a daily basis is as difficult as watching reruns of Pee Wee’s Playhouse (maybe not everyone ;).


    Over the last few years a substantial amount of research has revealed different reasons as to why making resolutions hardly ever works and there are many opinions as to why this is the case.  If the standard resolution protocol has failed you in the past and you are in search of new ways to stick with your new years goals the research pros suggest that you spend your energy on creating new habits which will have a greater lasting effect. (See link for some ways to foster new habits-


    Below I have listed some ways in which I have kept the fitness habit alive in my life over the years:


    *Get it in early. The longer I wait to workout in the day the more unsettled I feel (which adds to my stress level) and the more likely I am to procrastinate and not workout. I know that this is not practical for everyone due to various schedules but if you can manage to do it you can get it out of the way and move on with the rest of your day’s priorities.


    *Set out my clothes the night before. When I was training for ultra run distances and I had a long run that I wasn’t looking forward to the next morning I would make sure that I had my run gear laid out next to my bed and coffee all set to brew so that it made it easier to get out of bed and get going. Planning things out the night before also prepped my mind for the run ahead which also kept me focused on my goal.


    *Talk to my wife about it ahead of time. Being that my wife and I share the parenting role for a one year old means that I must communicate my workout plans to her ahead of time. If I wait to tell her at the last minute there are things that often come up and get in the way of me being able to have that time to myself as well as having a frustrated spouse which is never good :(


    *Find something I want to shoot for. The great thing about working out at a place like WIP is that it cultivates a high fitness level that allows you to do other fun and cool things. I often don’t like to workout just to workout, but rather, I prefer to aim for something that my fitness lets me do or will let me do someday. It could be seeking to complete an obstacle race, compete in a Wednesday night basketball league, hike Mt. Washington, or aim to hold a handstand for a minute straight. Whatever the goal may be find something that excites and challenges you and work toward it.


    *Use the time that I have and get creative with it. The reality is that life gets in the way and you won’t always have an hour to spend at the gym. You may also be a person who travels for work frequently but your hotel gym only specializes in the Thigh Master and a Shake Weight which leaves you feeling slightly creeped out. If you only have 10 min to devote to exercise that day choose one movement and complete as many reps of it as possible. If you are pent up in your hotel room utilize a chair and your carry on bag as weight to create a mini circuit out of it. There are plenty of internet resources for hotel workouts. WIP has even created on-the-go workouts for you to do anywhere so that you are without excuse.


    Now that you have read my ramblings here is what we have in store for you this month at WIP. Each day of the week will have a different focus in order to allow you to get a variety of workouts in to keep you both interested and fit of course. The workout focus is as follows:


    Monday- Strength

    Tuesday- Metabolic

    Wednesday- Core and Cardio

    Thursday- Agility

    Friday- Endurance


    The goal is for you to work multiple fitness systems in order to 1) stay motivated and enjoy your workouts 2) keep a well rounded and balanced fitness approach. The more we vary up the focus for each specific day the better off your fitness level, athletic capacity, and skill set will be...and who doesn’t want all of those great benefits???


    As we go into 2018 I look forward to hearing about all of the great habits that you have created in order for you to live a more passionate and fulfilling life.


    Cheers to the New Year!