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  • Feb Programming Goals...Choose to be Awesome!

    Choose What You Love


    I hope that you have had a chance to fully recover from the holidays and get back on track with your life routine this past month. It’s never an easy thing to discipline yourself and make fitness a priority, so big props to you for this!  For those who came to WIP for the first time we welcome you and are excited about you joining our special WIP family. We know that the workouts are tough, but we want to encourage you to stick with it and be consistent in order for you to see continued progress and solid gains in your overall health and wellness.


    Now for the month you’ve all been secretly waiting for- a month of working out with YOUR love! And I am not talking about working out with your significant or hopeful other (although this is an added benefit). We know that some of you “heart” working on developing greater overall feats of strength while others prefer keeping the blood pumping with metabolic goodness so that is why we are giving you an option every Monday and Thursday this month to work on one or the other. You can even choose to get loco and mix the strength and metabolic movements together to get the best of both worlds.


    We believe that consistently focusing on both strength and metabolic conditioning are essential elements to a healthy fitness lifestyle. Strength obviously helps us to lift heavier objects and do challenging tasks a whole lot easier but it is so much more than that. As we age the things we begin to lose the quickest are strength, power, mobility, and bone density. By lifting heavier weights or progressing to a harder variation of a particular movement we are stressing our bodies, in a good way, to get stronger and to build healthy bones for years to come. Metabolic conditioning or cardio is beneficial for keeping our heart strong, metabolism high, and improving our work capacity (ability to do more work in less time). Working both strength and metabolic conditioning also helps to release and regulate hormones more efficiently and fight against certain diseases, not to mention the improvement of body image and quality of life.


    As we move into this month we hope you enjoy the option to choose what area of your fitness you want to improve the most. It’s your love. It’s your choice.


    Choose to be Awesome!