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  • March Programming Goals! Pushing and Pulling...

    “Split” It Up WIP Style

    If you’ve spent much time in the workout world, or have an obsession with Muscle Magazine, there is a pretty good chance that you are familiar with split routines that focus on certain muscle groups while allowing other muscle groups to rest. For instance you might have one day that you work upper body while the next day is legs or you may even split up the days to focus on specific body parts (e.g. Chest/ Back/ Glutes/ Hamstrings/ Arms/ Abs). Generally, when you split up your workout up like this you tend to really tax that specific muscle group with a number of different exercises, sets, and reps in order to create a specific response be it strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth), endurance, or power, then allow it time to recover.


    A classic example of those who utilize split routines all the time are bodybuilders who isolate each muscle group and sculpt their physiques to the max. I think you can tell in the picture below who uses the split routine appropriately- haha!



    Now I am no nuclear physicist by I am guessing the reason why you come to WIP is not for a future in bodybuilding but rather for great overall fitness, health and wellness gains. Now you may be thinking that a split style routine is not for you because you enjoy some form of a full body workout each day but that doesn’t mean we can’t put more of a focus on certain muscle groups, while allowing others to recover, and still get a great full body workout.


    This month we have adapted our own WIP type of split routine where we will focus one day on pushing movements (both upper and lower body pressing, squatting, lunging variations), the next day on pulling movements (both upper and lower body pulling and hinging variations), and following day that will be a core and cardio day to keep that tummy tight and heart rate up. Saturday will continue to be a coaches choice workout and Sunday will be more of a endurance/cardio day.


    Now because not everyone attends WIP everyday we are making sure that even on your “push” days you are still getting some pull action and on your “pull” days you are getting some pushing. We will continue to focus the majority of our exercise selection on full body movements that give you the most bang-for-your-functional lifestyle-buck while including a little bit of isolation work to keep your winter pump on.


    See below for the weekly schedule:


    Sunday: Cardio/Endurance

    Monday: Push

    Tuesday: Pull

    Wednesday: Core and Cardio

    Thursday: Push

    Friday: Pull

    Saturday: Coaches Choice

    I’d love to keep writing but I’ve gotta “split.” Have fun this month and keep on keepin’ on!