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  • Why DON'T you WIP (and why you should)!

    Why Don't you WIP?

    I hear it all the time..."I'd love to go to WIP, but I have to get in shape first.", "The people at WIP are all skinny and super intimidating.",  "I just don't have the time to go to WIP.", "If I went to WIP I would die."

    Well I'm happy to tell you, all of these reasons are FALSE!  Yup...fake news.  So I'm here to debunk all these rumors and tell you why you SHOULD WIP!

    First of all, I am proud to say that in the 5 years we have been in business,  NO ONE has ever died while at WIP.  Nope, not one (and we plan to keep it that way).  Are the workouts hard?  Yes.  Will you die?  No.  

    I'm always confused when people tell me "they are working out so that they can come to WIP".  Wait, what?  Our coaches do an amazing job offering plenty of modifications of each exercise - so whether you can snatch a yellow kettle bell or have no idea what the heck I just said - our coaches will take care of you!  

    People come in all shapes and sizes (and genders and ages)  and so do WIPsters!!   99% are encouraging, welcoming, and will be routing for you (the other 1% are total badasses and only there for themselves so they won't even notice you anyway).  And remember, every single person there was a newbie at one time too.

    Did you know that WIP is open 7 days a week?  We have early classes, noon classes, evening classes and everything in between.   Do you want to workout at 5:30am?  Me either...but you COULD.  :)

    So by now you must be asking your do I start?  Well I've got some amazing news because NOW is the best time to start at WIP's CHALLENGE TIME (click here for all the details of this years challenge)!!!   5 weeks of Unlimited Classes (April 16-May 20th), community of like minded people offering support (think LOTS of other newbies), Special Challenge Only Events, PRIZES, Nutritional Shape Up, and more (all the intimate details of this years challenge will be shared later this week).  But we are excited to announce NEW this year...prior to the start of the challenge...WIP 101!  A special class designed to walk you through the flow of a WIP Class, help break down the WIP core movements, offer proper form corrections and tips, and help give WIP first timers a little sneak peak into what a WIP class really looks like.   So save the date and register online now for this special WIP Intro Class ( is limited): Tuesday April 3rd, 7:45pm in West Hartford & Thursday April 5th, 4:30pm in Canton.

    I'm glad that I could set you straight and can't wait to start WIPping it up with you soon.

    See ya at the next workout,