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  • WIP Nutrition Shape-up Challenge

    WIP Nutrition Shape Up Challenge

    We are partnering with Shana Cerullo, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Dietitian of Integrative and Functional Nutrition for this year’s 5 week nutritional supplemental challenge.

    The WIP nutrition Shape up Challenge cost is $65 for Unlimited members and $70 for Non-members/punch card holders. PURCHASE HERE

    This is how it works

    The Nutrition Shape-up challenge will kick off with meetings in Canton on Sunday, April 15th at 10:30 am and in WeHa on Monday, April 16th at 7:45 pm. Attending the meetings is not a requirement but will greatly enhance your challenge experience and Shana will be raffling off  a “Healthy Kick Off Swag Bag”  for anyone doing the nutrition challenge and attends the kick off meeting.

    Shana Cerullo is a grocery store guru dietitian with a passion for inspiring people to eat well for better health. Shana can provide you with the tools you need to improve your nutrition, while making it fun, easy and delicious. Shana will help you clean up your act and provide you with no nonsense tips and tricks. Learn nutritious secrets for fast and tasty meals, how to reduce sugar and cravings once and for all, how to meal prep like a pro, learn what foods to buy and what convenience “processed foods” are actually good for you, get the skinny on healthy product approved by a dietitian, how to naturally improve your bodies metabolic and detox systems, and overall how to lose weight while maximizing the nutrients from the foods you eat.

    The first 25 people who join the nutrition challenge WILL receive a free bag of healthy goods from Shana the dietitian. As soon as you register you will receive an intake form for you to fill out and return to Shana. If you register more than 3 days prior to the Challenge kick off she will have your personalized calculations ready to return to you at the meeting. You will also be invited to the Closed Facebook Group. Wondering about all the benefits of joining the WIP Nutrition Shape-up Challenge, well here it goes:

    What Will You Get?

    -Kickoff meeting! Enter for a chance to win “The Healthy Kick Off Swag Bag”  in Weha/Hartford and Canton (includes free product, kitchen gadgets & veggies!)

    -The first 25 people to sign up WILL receive a free bag of healthy goods from Shana the dietitian.

    -Nutrition challenge run by a local Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

    -Individual calculated macronutrient and calorie breakdown

    -Individual nutrition advice

    -Facebook private page

    -Private accountability group

    -Weekly challenges

    -Endless content to keep you motivated

    -Endless easy & healthy recipes

    -Meal planning & prepping tips + tricks

    -Flavorful quick fresh cooking ideas

    -Daily dietitian selected grocery store finds

    -Endless product recommendations!

    -Real advice on how to naturally detox your body to improve metabolism

    -Build healthy sustainable habits

    -Cultivate SMART goals to get the results you want

    -Grocery store visit- healthy product highlights and meal ideas

    Shana will lead you through a 5 week program with weekly focus on the following:

    Week 1: Clean Up Your Act

    Week 2: Veggies and Volumetric's

    Week 3: Powering with Protein

    Week 4: Meal Plan Secrets for Success

    Week 5: Boosting Your Bodies Natural Detox and Metabolic System

    Can’t wait to get started, buy NOW to get your goodie bag and get a jump on the “WIP Nutrition Shape-up Challenge”