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  • 5 years of WIP!

    Today is the 5th anniversary of WIP. How can that be? Those early days seem like just yesterday and a lifetime away. It would be a lie to say that those first few months weren't incredibly stressful. Not that we don't have stressful days now but it was different in the beginning. After being open for 1 month our average DAILY attendance was 7.67 people. Today in WeHa it is 78.9. Some of you may remember those early days where 1 on 1's were common and Laura and I were at almost every class. Suprisingly, looking back at all those early sign-in sheets and thinking about the beginning I don't feel stress, quite the opposite, I can't stop smiling. Laura and I were so driven to make WIP a success that we refused to face the alternative. Laura is off this week enjoying a family vacation so it is my job to write this year's blog about our anniversary. I don't want to speak for her but I would like to think she would agree with me. Simply put, I am just so proud of us. Proud that we went for it and proud that we made it happen. I Love WIP and look forward to celebrating many many more WIPiversarys.

    To commemorate this special year we have created a T-Shirt for all The WIPsters  who have been with us from the beginning. So if you started working out at WIP in 2013 and have attended with regularity through 2018 (list below) you will be given this T-Shirt. We want to Thank every WIPster for WIPping with us and for all your loyalty. 


    Special Thanks to all our OG WIPsters:

    Kerrie Andrews

    Dave Guida

    Andrea Sweeney

    Maura Bey

    Jenn Searls

    Susan Kamin

    Allison Saulsbury

    Kathleen Wiggenhauser

    Christin Gorman

    Chris Corrigan

    Susan Schaffman

    Megan Mehr

    Maura Droney

    Chris Keever

    Karen Kane

    Monica Ahern

    Aileen Busi

    Tim Walsh

    Matt Dodd

    Kristen Bachorowski

    Liz Hanwalt

    Armena Walsh

    Laurie Lewis

    Mary Kate Doyle

    Laura Keever

    John Doyle

    Irene Rietze

    Josh Hughes

    Ann Kuhnly

    Thanks to all of you,

    Mary Kate and Laura