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  • November Programming Goal - Be Thankful

    Let’s be thankful this month! Our bodies allow us to do some amazing things: run, climb, curl, swing, squat, hinge...the list goes on. We often take these things for granted and only focus on the things we can’t do. We should NOT be using workouts as punishment on our bodies for the ‘bad’ things we have consumed, but use every workout as an opportunity... to make ourselves overall better and stronger.

    The two movements that we will be focusing on this month are push ups and deadlifts. We see these movements programmed all the time at WIP, and we often take them for granted. (Are you starting to see the theme here?!) These aren’t typically labeled as “skill” movements. But, truth be told, it takes a great amount of skill and practice to execute them properly. 

    In order to get the very most out of each workout and these two movements, we can’t take anything for granted. Every time you come to WIP you need to promise yourself that you will put your best effort into every movement, every time (even if it’s not your favorite!). Trust the process, trust what all of these amazing coaches are telling you. Don’t be afraid to slow things down to perfect that movement, rather than going through the motions of it to get it done.

    So again, let’s not focus on our struggles and the negatives. Celebrate and be thankful for all the amazing things your body can do!

    Coach Paul