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  • Why going to WIP makes me a better mom!

    I don't make jewelry, I'm not a scrapbooker and I don't knit.  I do boot camp.   It's my thing, my time.  My happy (sweaty) place.  The one hour a day that I get to do something totally and completely for me!

    Of course I workout to lose weight and get stronger, but just as important I workout for the mental and stress release I get.  As a mom we are constantly taking care of everyone else: food shopping, cooking, cleaning , picking up the kids.  But for that one hour a day, I can forget about the laundry and get lost in my ball slams, box jumps and burpees.  And it makes me a better mother and wife (just ask my husband) when I get that workout and "me time" in.

    I didn't find my love for boot camp until after I had my third child.  Once my daughter was born and I was a stay at home mom to 3 active kids under the age of 4, I quickly realized I needed to find something just for me (and an excuse to get out of the house for an hour was thrilling). 

    After reconnecting with another amazing Mom, Mary Kate and sharing the joys and craziness of having kids while keeping some sort of sanity, she introduced me to boot camp and I've been in love ever since.  

    Cheers Mamas!!