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  • Grunting...for increased performance?!?

    This article was forwarded to me by a client (I won't mention if he/she is of the grunting variety) and I found it exceedingly interesting.  I have been known to let out a little grunt, some might call it a moan or even a pissed off sigh, but for this blog we'll say its a grunt. It is fascinating to find out that there is physical evidence that the grunt is performance enhancing.  This article talks mostly about tennis, where grunting is de rigueur, but they reference other incidents where data is shown that "when people are making noise while exhaling, their strength seems to increase." "Grunting can also be the result of proper breathing, which helps stabilize the core and generate the most power." Sounds good to me! 

    The article has a lot to say about the mental advantages to grunting. We don't reap those rewards as much at WIP as we are in a non-competitive enviroment for the most part. I can honestly say unlike a lot of tennis specatators we are grunt friendly.  So go ahead, "grunt away". Most of us are so distracted with what we are doing we probably wouldn't notice anyway.

    See you at the next workout,

    Mary Kate