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  • January Programming Goals-New Year, New Workouts, New Goals

    And like that December has come and gone and we are on to a brand new year and new batch of workouts.  Every year people write their goals up on the board in each gym. Many are fitness goals, some have lifestyle changes they want to make, others have career aspirations they are working towards.  Those goals set on January 1st are rarely completed by January 2nd. Whatever your goal may be, it takes time, dedication and perseverance to achieve it. Those goals might not even be reached by the end of the year, but as long as you are making progress towards them each and every day, then there is no doubt they will one day become a reality  Setbacks and frustrations are going to happen. That is just part of the process of reaching a goal, they are not an indication of failure unless you allow them to stop you from working toward your goal. 

    For this month we will have a movement of the day that will be the focus of the workout.  Each day you will be given a chance to work toward reaching a goal. Whether it is doing 1 perfect pushup, finally getting above the pull up bar or getting inverted into a handstand.  Everyday is a new opportunity to do something for the first time...what’s your goal for 2019???

    Sunday-Pistol Squats

    Monday- Push ups

    Tuesday- Kettle Bell Swings

    Wednesday- Roll Ups

    Thursday- Handstands

    Friday- Pull Ups