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  • February programming changes - Coaches making things more spicy

    People often ask us what differentiates WIP from other gyms...and at the top of the list is always our amazing coaches.  Not only are they passionate about our clients well being and your goals but they also understand the mechanics of the body and the movements we should be doing to get stronger, leaner and improve our overall health.  They understand that although we may not all love handstands or roll ups, they are important moves that benefit, challenge and change our bodies for the better, which is why we WIP in the first place!

    Paul is excited about the progress clients have made over the past several months as the Coaches have challenged us with some pretty tough skill work.  "As we roll into February, we’ve seen a lot of accomplishments and steps towards goals in January. Maybe you didn’t do a handstand in the middle of the room or perform a perfect roll up every time- but that’s okay! That was not the expectation we as coaches had. It’s not necessarily about where you ended up on the 31st, but how far you’ve come since the 1st of the month." 
    As we continue to read through the client surveys we appreciate the feedback we got regarding the WIP Programming..and we've heard you!   We have asked the coaches to spice it up a bit - so get ready!  One of the biggest changes you will see is on Wednesdays as we remove the dedicated core day and sprinkle more of those movements into each day.  Wednesdays will be fun, challenging and sweaty (hint: think firecracker Wednesday!)  Our Coaches continue to push their programming to challenge you and help you work toward your goals which effectively get you the best results.  So trust them and trust the process!  Here's to more sweaty workouts, crushing goals together and "butt stuff"!
    Laura & Mary Kate