• Coaches Series - Buns and Guns

    Strength Coaches Series

    Are you ready to get strong?

    Let me ask you something, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear strength training? Long hours in the gym? Bulky muscles? Nonfunctional exercises.... That’s not strength training that’s specialization training.    

    What I am talking about is training to be good at any physical task life throws at you.  Training that makes picking up your kid when they complain their feet hurt on vacation easier. Training that makes that knee pain go away for good. Training that will improve your marathon time and make 20 burpees feel like a warm-up.  

    In this coaches series I will take you through a workout that strengthens your muscles and joints, improves your resting heart rate (so you’ll burn more calories after each WIP class) and improve your overall fitness level. After this 90 min workout, you’ll be better suited to tackle any WIP workout and whatever life throws at you. Side effects include improved self-confidence and leaving feeling like a badass.  

    The next coaches series will be March 11th, Saturday at 3:00pm. and costs $25. Please purchase your pass here or register for the class and we can charge your card on file.


  • 4 years in...

    The "On this Day" notification on my Facebook feed has been flooding my phone with images and posts of 4 years ago when we were launching WIP Fitness. We didn't open until the day after my 40th Birthday on April 15th, 2013; but this was the time we were announcing our venture and getting the word out. Laura and I were clients #1 and #2 and we are very happy to report that clients #3, 4 and 5 are still active members today, we enjoyed working out with them as much on our first day as we do today.

    4 years ago there were only 2-3 other gyms in our area, now there are at least 10. We have seem a lot of competition come and some leave. A lot has changed at WIP in the last 4 years, including our workouts, our equipment and many of our coaches but the MOST important thing has stayed the same. 

    When Laura and I were meeting at each other's houses over glasses of wine 4 years ago we wrote a business plan for a gym that was very differnt from the gyms that we had been members of. "Our gym" would be run with the ideals of the average client in mind. This statement is still 100% true. Despite being told by many existing gym owners (some who are still competitors) that we could never have punchcards because we "needed to tell people what they wanted to hear and then lock them in". Our punchcard model is alive and well and not going anywhere. We do not charge anyone a bogus activation fee or processing fees to make our monthly rates sound lower. We share our rates online to anyone that wants to know them. We always wondered why no one shares their rates and then we realized its because other gym owners are cutting their clients different deals. Not at WIP, everyone pays the same amount, there are no exceptions, all of our discounts are published and available to everyone that applies and our rates are still far below that of our competitors. When there is a snow delay and Laura and I can't get to a workout because we are home with our kids, we are the ones texting the coaches to please teach a class at noon so we can get our sweat on. We get you and we have your back. The absolute best part is we only hire coaches that completely understand where we are coming from and support and believe in our ideals as much a we do. 

    To say that we are overwhelmed by how far we have come would be an understatement, one thing that remains the same is that we are excited to workout with each an every client and coach as much now as we were 4 years ago. Thanks for being the best workout buddies around.

    See you at the next workout,

    Mary Kate  

    First Friends and Family Workout

    My original headshot taken by Laura prior to our opening, looking very much under 40!

  • Super Bowl Sunday's about to get real...with Real Food that is (Go Pats)!

    I love Super Bowl Sunday and the fact that my favorite team, the Patriots, are playing (AGAIN) is just icing on the cake!  We host some neighbors for the big game and a big part of why I work out as often as I do is so that on days like Super Bowl Sunday, I can indulge in some yummy food and beer while I watch the game and not feel totally guilty (we have all earned these beers after this weeks workouts).  I do make some small concessions and offer myself and guests some "healthy -ish" offerings (turkey meatball subs and skinny artichoke spinach dip are on the menu - recipes below) but I really appreciate this blog post by Leanne Mace, from Mace Health Coaching (not only does Leanne offer tips and advice using a realistic wellness appraoch and ideas but she also happens to be Mary Kate's super cool SIL).  She reminds us to keep it real when it comes to food choices.  Low Fat and sugar free aren't as "good for you" as they make it sound.  It's ok to indulge and enjoy ourselves, especially on days like today, but when we do try and make the food choices REAL.

    Enjoy and Go Patriots!  


    Super Bowl Sunday Recipes:

    Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip (I use fresh baby spinach instead of frozen.  I saute the shallots and garlic in a little olive oil, then add the spinach to wilt, using the back of my spoon to chop up the spinach as it cooks.  I throw the artichokes in with the cheeses and greek yogurt and swapped out the mayo for cream cheese).  I serve with carrots sticks and baked pita chips.

    Laura's "Almost" famous Turkey (meat) balls.

    1.5 lb of ground Turkey

    1/4 cup of Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs

    1/4 cup of Panko Bread Brumbs

    1/2 Grated Parmesan Cheese

    1 egg

    1/4 Cup of Chopped dried Parsley 

    4 garlic cloves minced

    Salt & Pepper

    Heat Oven to 350.  Combine all ingredients in bowl and shape meat mixture into balls (I was making meatball grinders so made them about 1/4 inch round).  Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spray with olive oil spray.  Bake the meatballs in oven for 10min.  Flip the meatballs and bake for another 10-12 min (this is to brown the meatballs).  I then placed the meatballs in my crockpot with Sauce (I use Raos but you can make your own sauce or use sauce of preference) and cook on low for 3-4 hrs (you can also place sauce in stock pot and cook on stove top over med/low simmer in sauce).


  • RE-introducing the Introductory Avon Pass

    In celebration of 2 amazing years in Avon, we are bringing back our introductory WIP Avon Pass for the month of February 2017! $100 for 2 Months Unlimited WIP Classes for all NEW clients or clients who haven't made a purchase in the past 6 months. Pass must be purchased and activated 2/1-2/28* and will only allow the bearer to workout in our Avon location.

    Passes can be purchased HERE.

    *Two Months must be consecutive from start date which must be by 2/28. 


  • February Programming Goal

    Can't wait for the month to start. Thank You Matt for always innovating

    February 2017 Programming Theme – Adapting to Altered Volume

    Image result for plateau exercise

    It’s inevitable…. if you always train the same way and perform the same movements for the same amount of sets and reps, your body will acclimate.  If nothing changes, this adaptation is what causes a “plateau” or a period of time where your body stops responding to an external stimulus such as exercise.  Plateaus can be frustrating which is why we make it our goal every month to prevent this from happening.

    Variety is the key when trying to avoid a plateau.  Now variety can mean many different things, the most obvious is the assortment of movements we program. Another way we do this is by altering the timing, which will be our focus this month.  This affects the volume (sets x reps) of the workout.  Volume is huge in training, if it’s too low then there won’t be any growth, if it’s too high then we risk overtraining.  Volume also affects the intensity that we are able to work at.  I’m sure you noticed that you are able to work harder for a 20 second period of time than a 60 seconds period of time. As volume increases, intensity tends to decrease. It is very difficult to go at full intensity for weeks on end without burning out which is why during the week we program days that are higher intensity/lower volume,  lower intensity/higher volume

    Image result for exercise volume

    This month you will see 4 weeks of unique programming.  We will repeat all of the workouts from week 1 in week 2 but with entirely new timing structures.  We will then do the same in weeks 3 and 4. Related image

    Focus on: How intensity changes with timing, working your hardest during those short sets, pacing out the longer workouts/rounds.

    Expect to see: a variety of timing structures and exercises.

    Matty Vac

  • WIP Wellness Challenge

    To kick off the year on the right path we are launching a 25 day wellness challenge. We are both feeling the "Out of Control" post holiday blues and need something to commit to. Many of our New Years resolutions are centered around the scale and with so many gyms promising overnight weight loss its easy to set unrealistic goals and then fail. We know it is not that simple or realistic; after running a very successful wellness challenge in Avon in November, we were reminded that if we focus on our overall health and wellness the number on the scale will fall. 

    Here are the details:

    Current Unlimited Members - $30 -  Purchase pass here

    New Members and Punch Card* Holders - $85  - Purchase pass here

    *All punch card and new members must pre-register for classes

    The dates of the challenge are January 17th - February 10th. 

    The Pass entitles you to:

    Unlimited workouts (1x a day) ($110 value)

    Exclusive WIP Challenge T-shirt ($15 value)

    Access to Family Workout ($25 value)

    InBody Scan Pre and Post challenge ($40 value)

    WIP Seminar ($20 value)

    Supportive community and expert coaching (priceless)

    All participants will be given a Wellness Tracker and you will accumpulate points for "wellness behavior", from attending WIP workouts to lifestyle changes you can make at home including but not limited to Home workouts, eating non-processed meals, completing a WIP circuit challenge, getting your sleep and so much more.

    Plus the person with the most points at the end of the Challenge wins One Free Month to WIP Fitness and the runner up receives a $50 WIP Card.

    Let the Wellness begin!

    Mary Kate and Laura

  • January 2017 Programming Theme –   Building a Strong Foundation

    A house is only as strong as its foundation. Just like a house your body is only as strong as the “foundation” that you build for it. Now this can be many things.  

    Image result for house foundation

    When I think of the foundation of my physical body, I think of my core which includes the abs, obliques, glutes, low back, and hips.  Having a strong core/posterior chain can help create balance, improve movements, and prevent injury.

    “Foundation” can also mean your knowledge of movement, mobility, nutrition, etc.  Having strong foundational knowledge of the body and how it works only helps optimize training.

    In functional fitness there are 7 “foundational movements”. These are the blueprints for all movements that we do.  

    Squat, Lunge, Rotation, Push (Pushup, Tricep Ext), Pull (Row, Bicep Curl), Hip Hinge (Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing), and Gait (Walking, Running).

    Image result for strong foundation

    Often times these are the movements that get overlooked but without a strong foundation the rest of the house becomes more fragile as well.  Make sure that we don’t rush these.

    As 2017 begins challenge yourself to improve your “foundation”.  Read articles, learn about how your nutrition could be affecting your body, try something new to help improve your fitness and well-being, ask a coach to help you improve on foundational movement that you either struggle with or want to get stronger in.  

    Expect to See: Glute/Hip/Core work, a mixture of strength, endurance, and metabolic, a variety of “foundational movements” and modifications

    Focus On: Improving your knowledge in one area of fitness, creating new fitness goals, performing those foundational movements correctly.

    Most importantly listen to your body, if you have low back pain (or any other ache or injury) there is a reason behind it.  Don’t just put it off, take the time to help your body whether it mean coming in a few minutes early to work on mobility and priming the muscles before the workout or staying a couple minutes after class to stretch .  

    Matty Vac

  • Get your workouts in and help those in need

    This time of year is insane. I am not a procrastinator, I love getting things done and checking items off my list, so this time of year makes me nuts, because inevitably there is not enough time to get to everything. This blog post for example was supposed to be published last Thursday, and this morning I left the house without making my bed, and for anyone that knows me well, you know this is something I NEVER do. 

    From Thanksgiving to New Years Day I drink too much, eat way too much and generally overindulge. That is what you are supposed to do this time of year right? I'm hoping if I keep a schedule with my workouts and just maintain (fingers crossed) my weight until New Years all won't be lost. In an effort to keep your workout schedule in check during the season of holiday card addressing, cookie baking and ugly sweater parties we are adding a philanthropic incentive to keep you on track with your workouts.

    If you workout 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks (Weeks are as follows):

    December 4th - December 10th

    December 11th - December 17th

    December 18th - December 24th 

    We will make a donation in your name to A Town That Cares a local WeHa organization that assists residents in a crisis situation. Last year we had 56 clients acieve this same goal and we donated to Gifts of Love in Avon. These are both wonderful causes and we encourage you to donate to them if you are looking for a local charity. 

    We hope this helps motivate you this holiday season.

    I better go make my bed.

    Happy Holidays,

    Mary Kate

  • December Programming Goal-2016 Recap

    December 2016 Programming Theme –  A Little Bit of Everything 

    As 2016 comes to an end, we will take December to look back on some of the awesome things we have done throughout the year.  While all the workouts have been fun and challenging, the focus has been on something a little bit different each month.  This month we will have 1 of those focus areas for each day of the week. Another WIP first… you will know what type of workout falls each day of the week, so be sure to hit them all!

    Each week will look like this:

    Things to Expect: Variety (of timing, movements, styles), A recap of some of our favorites tweaked

    Focus On:  Any Goals that you may have set in the beginning of this year!

    Don’t wait for New Years to start making healthy lifestyle resolutions! Enjoy.

    Matty Vac

  • Coaches Series - Don't Forget Your Sneakers

    "Mr Positivity" Coach Jon Bates is hosting the December Coaches Series on Sunday, December 4th in Avon at 9:30 am and as a holiday gift this coaches series is open to all clients free of charge. Jon Bates is a Scout for the Vancouver Canucks responsible for all player evaluations and personnel decisions as they relate to NCAA hockey and the Vancouver Canucks. As glamorous as this job sounds Jon Bates spends a lot of time on the road which is why we don't see him coaching at WIP as much as we would like. He is very well versed in the topic he will be coaching and presenting on...see below for all the info..

    Don't forget your sneakers!

    I average about 120 nights/year in a hotel room. It isn't fun, but my job involves a lot of travel all over the world. I have seen my fair share of hotel bars, restaurants and most importantly to me, gyms. Some are far better than others. And when your body craves a good sweat, you have to learn to make do with sometimes nothing but the shoes on your feet and small space next to your hotel room bed.

    With the holidays fast approaching and many people planning vacations, I want to share with you how I prepare a great workout on the road. It doesn't take much commitment and will keep you on your path to achieving your fitness goals. I hope everyone can join me. Please bring a note pad and pen or utilize the notes section of your smart phone because everybody will have an easy (but useful) in-class assignment.

    This session will include 20 min of "talk" and 40 minutes of instruction and workouts. I'll include a number of good warm up routines, stretches and technique review. You will get your sweat on.

    Jon Bates

    Please pre-register for this special event!