• October Programming Focus-Core Strength


    Now I want you to be honest with me for a minute. How many of you originally started working out due to a dream of someday becoming the proud new owner and operator of a pristine 6-pack and chiseled core? Don’t act like the ABhancer above wasn’t ever a promising thought that crossed your mind (we have all thought it).


    The countless videos, infomercials, magazine ads, and TV shows have all sensationalized the washboard physique and have created a culture of the ideal look. Marketing has done a great job of selling the “It only takes 6 minutes a day” concept but most of us who have either tried these methods in the past or have been working out for a while now know that this is false. It takes pure hard work day in and day out to for you to see gains in the midsection and the reality is that our diets for the most part control much of our aesthetic outcomes.


    As we enter October we will be placing our emphasis on the “Core.” Now you may be asking yourself “Why are we focusing on our core after summertime when we have already put the midriff or speedo in the closet for the season?.” So glad you asked.


    When we hear the word core we often attribute it to our abdominals but it is so much more than that. All the major muscles that move, support and stabilize your spine are called the muscles of your core and trunk. These include the Rectus Abdominis, Erector Spinae, Obliques, Transverse Abdominus, and Multifidi which all synergistically work together from the front of your body to the  back in order for you to bend, twist, stand, stabilize, and move. We have come to a great age in fitness where we understand that isolated ab work most often does not carry over to being an agile and cheetah-like human being capable of everyday functional feats of strength and prowess. Our bodies are not meant to move in isolated ways but rather as one unit. This is why your coaches here at WIP Fitness program dynamic movements that engage all aspects of your core. We are about movements not isolated muscle groups.


    Now, don’t get me wrong directly working the abs can be fun and give you that feeling of superhuman core tightness to help you seize your day but in the end full body core strength is what’s important. That is why in October you will see a little more core isolation work but most of our movements and coaching will be centered around learning to use your core as a unit to create what we call Midline Stabilization. Midline Stabilization refers to ability to maintain a neutral spine through full range of motion. All of your core muscles help to keep your spine stable and stiff and allows you to use your prime movers such as the muscles in the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and spinal erectors more effectively. Using your core the correct way results in you lifting more weight, recruiting greater power, and keeping you away from injury. Every time you plank, pullup, squat, press, deadlift with a neutral spine you are strengthening your core.


    Here is what to begin practicing this month when lifting and moving (Taken from Dr. Kelly Starrett). This bracing sequence is best practiced without lifting and by standing in place.


    1. Squeeze your glutes- This locks your hips into a neutral position

    2. Pull your ribcage down to your hips as if your doing a miniature crunch- This helps you avoid overextending your trunk

    3. Tighten your belly by drawing your belly button into your spine (note that you should still be able to breathe comfortably in this position)- This helps to create intra-abdominal pressure and the proper positioning for your back

    4. Set your head to neutral and screw your shoulders down to a stable position. Your head should be in a straight alignment with your spine and you want to feel the tips of your shoulder blades reaching toward your hips

    That tightness and rigidity that you feel in your core is what you must maintain in order to experience the benefits of Midline Stabilization. Practicing these steps may not give you a 6-pack by the end of October but it will certainly bring you closer to becoming that agile inner cheetah you have always wanted to be.


    Be Ferocious,



  • WIP Workout Buddy Pass

    Its almost October and at WIP that means its Bring A Friend Month! This year we are shaking things up. 

    Laura and I have been workout buddies for going on 7 years and we continue to understand how important it is for accountability and fun factor to workout with a friend. One of the best parts about owning WIP is all the workrout buddies we have met. This year to celelbrate the workout buddy we are offering a WIP Workout Buddy Pass or WIP WBP.

    This is how it works. 

    1) Invite a New Friend (or one that hasn't been to WIP in more than 6 months) to purchase a $20 - 2 Week WIP Buddy Pass.

    2) New Buddy must then email or with the name of their  WIPster friend. 

    3) WIPster receives a free class ( on punchcard) or $10 off next months dues (if unlimited member)

    4) Train together at any WIP location and have a blast!!!

    5) New Buddy buys punch card or membership and WIPster gets normal referral bonus


    Rules and regs:

    • Free week trial cannot be combined with 2 week Buddy pass
    • Buddy must be NEW to WIP or not have attended a class in more than 6 months
    • Member must be active punch card holder or Unlimited member
    • Pass must be purchased and activated by 10/15/2017

  • Power and Precision Brick Workout with Laura C

    Coaches Series: Power and Precision-The Brick Workout

    We are excited to announce that a new coach’s series workout is right around the corner and this time it will be at our newest location in downtown Hartford.

    This 90 minute workout will be like nothing you’ve experienced at WIP before as we explore the impact that small and precise movements can have on our bodies. This workout will have a Pilates/barre type feel to it and will leave you feeling sore in places you didn’t know possible but also ready to conquer the world! 

    I will be spending the first 50 minutes with you on the mat (feel free to bring your own yoga mat or use ours at the gym). Don’t let the words “Pilates” or “barre” misguide you, however. This will be a powerful 50 minutes with high intensity, intricate moves that will pinpoint specific areas of our bodies in ways we have never done before. Not a dancer? Not particularly graceful? Not necessary. This workout is designed for our kind of people…the athletes, the AMRAPers, the runners, the people who aren’t afraid to feel uncomfortable. 

    Once our 50 minute gym session concludes we will hit the streets of Hartford and head down to the riverfront where 8 flights of stairs and interval training awaits. Be ready to feel the burn as we tackle our final 40 minutes together as a team.

     It is important as you continue on your fitness journey to always keep your body guessing. We must never become complacent in our routines and this workout will surely not disappoint. Always remember that with challenge comes change. I challenge you to take this journey with me!

    This coach’s series will be held on Saturday, September 23rd at 12:30pm in Downtown Hartford. Remember that parking is FREE in downtown on the weekends. The cost is $25 and the workout is limited to 12 people.  

    Purchase here


  • September Programming Goal

    “Back to Life, Back to Reality”


    Well it’s that time of year again when we all tear up a little as the summer sun and fun fades away and the “routine” begins again. Most vacations have come to pass and the time for a good speedo tan is on its way out. As the post summer blues begins to set in some of you who are settling back into your office jobs are spending half of your working day scrolling through pics of your time at the Cape or somewhere else across the universe while others are preparing for that first day back after having much needed time off. Parents who have youngsters are wishing them off to a new and exciting (and hopefully productive) school year but also anticipating a schedule of homework assistance, school pickups, and PTA meetings. The underlying theme being...more responsibilities-eh!


    Well have no fear WIP is here!!!  We understand how difficult it is to transition back to normal life and since it’s that time of year again we decided to make our September workout theme as going “Back to School,” but not in the way you might imagine it.


    Let me ask you a question. What comes to mind when you think back to those early days of grade school?  Maybe it’s the remembrance of getting into trouble after a good cafeteria food fight or that secret crush you had that made going to school worthwhile. It might even be the dreadful thought of being forced to complete weekend homework or worse- summertime reading (I know there are some of you who actually liked it ;)!  No matter what thoughts happen to jog your childhood memory I believe that the one universal thing we all envy the most about those school days long ago is recess time.  Anytime people ask me what my favorite subject was in school I always reply, “Recess and lunch of course!” We all understand the amazing pastime of filling our stomachs with a good Lunchable but what was even more exhilarating was when we were given the freedom to run around and play games with our friends. Oh the good ole days!


    Lucky for you the good ole days are making a comeback where we will be incorporating fun games into our workouts this month and some of them you may recognize from childhood past, with a WIP spin of course, to ease you into that fall mode and allow you to relive your playground glory days. It’s that time to bring your game face because the coaches are looking forward to getting you back on track and being the motivation you need to win your day.




  • Bad habits die hard...time to RESET and re-start (again). 3 weeks for $50. we go again.  After an amazing summer of indulgences and fun (oh, and maybe a little may have heard we opened our third gym a few weeks ago) we are ready to send the kiddos off to school, establish routines and schedules, and hit the "RESET" button.  Much like the picture below, our intentions to maintain a life balance didn't quite workout for us this summer.

    It's no surprise that when we look back at our BLOGs the past few Septembers we have written similar posts (check out this blog post "Re-Boot" from 3 years ago! which I could have easily written today:  Bottom line; September is a great time to recommit to your self and get back on track and we are here to make it a little easier for you with the 3 week WIP RESET PASS.  

    Come workout with us September 5-25th unlimited for only $50 and let's help each other get back on track.   We will provide you with great workouts as well as incentives and prizes along the way.  And for any member that needs a RESET and wants to join us, if you workout at least 10 times between September 5-25th, we will take $10 off your October Membership (just email and let us know you need a RESET)!  

    You can purchase your 3 week unlimited pass here:

    We look forward to working out with you (and reestablishing more balence in our lives) soon,

    Laura & Mary Kate

  • Fall Semester Student Pass

    We are very excited to launch our first ever Student Fall Semester Pass. This pass can be purchased by any Full Time student under the age of 24 (VALID ID REQUIRED) and can be used at our WIP Downtown location at 55 Pratt St. The pass is valid for unlimited use for the Fall semester (9/1/17-12/15/17).

    Feel free to share with your favorite student. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. 

    Purchase the pass here

  • August Program...Art of the Squat!

    It was the 4th of July and my then 16 month old niece was picking up toys off the ground and throwing them into the kiddie pool. I couldn’t help but realize the ease at which she squatted, picked up an object off the ground, and stood back up to throw it with perfect form. The funny thing is that nobody coached her through these movement patterns! As she played throughout the day she continued walk, run, squat, and play effortlessly. The below picture is reminiscent of what I saw that day and it breaks down squat perfection at its best.


    The reality is that we are meant to be mobile beings who move in dynamic ways to run, jump, dodge, crawl, and climb but our civilized Western Culture has changed the way we once lived our everyday active lifestyle by trading in the plow for the chair and desk. Unfortunately that tradeoff has come at a cost in creating chronic mobility issues and movement patterns that can not only lead to injury while exercising but can also impair your quality of life as you age. I’m sure that most of us would say that we want to live longer, happier, and more fulfilled lives. If this is the case then we must constantly practice moving more, moving properly, and reclaiming our natural function. That is why we want to focus August on one of the most basic and essential movements to live a healthy life: “The Squat.”


    Before I go any further I want to first say that from an anatomy perspective we are all created different and as a result of this our natural squatting motion will look different. Some people will squat narrow while others will find it natural to squat wider. Your hip and joint structure are hereditary so you can thank your parents for that. Previous injuries such as ankle sprains or ACL tears may alter your range of motion (ROM) as well so keep that in mind if you struggle with mobility progress.


    One thing is for certain, at WIP we squat a lot! We integrate various forms such as the air squat, weighted front squat, sumo squat, split squat, pistol squat, overhead squat along with others. The type of squat determines the form of that movement so not all squats should look exactly the same, but one thing is for certain, mobility must be present in order for you to squat properly.


    Below in the first picture there is a visual of common air squat faults along with what proper form looks like at the bottom position. You see that with correct form there is zero rounding of the spine, the entire foot is on the ground, weight is displaced on the heels, and the hips are below parallel. The second picture shows another critical element.The knees need to track over the middle of the feet and not allow caving to the inside in order to avoid knee destruction and overall form collapse.




    Now that you see what a good squat position looks like film yourself performing an air squat from a side and front angle to see how your squat stacks up.


    Lastly, I want to challenge you to spend a minimum 5-10 min each day (outside of your WIP warmup) this month improving your mobility. Most squat dysfunction shows its ugly head due to either a strength and stability issue or lack of ROM in the ankle, hip, and/or thoracic (upper) spine. Since we are discussing mobility in this post I have attached resources for each of the key ROM areas for you to implement.






    Thoracic Spine

    Choose 1-2 movements from each of the articles below and do them daily. If you do not own a foam roller you can always use one of our rollers pre or post workout to get this work in.


    Our coaches will be spending extra time this month critiquing your squat form and making sure its on point. If you have any questions regarding the squat or mobility techniques please see one of our awesome coaches. We look forward to seeing your progress this month!


    Get Low,


  • Show Your WIP Love and win $50 this August

    #WIPTRIP is back! We would love you to take us on the road with you, in the form of WIP gear or a WIP Magnet. Take a picture of you, post it on Instagram (follow us here) or Facebook (follow us here) with the hashtag #wiptrip and tag us, we are @wipfitness for Instagram and Facebook. Whether you are traveling to Italy, the Cape or staying local, take a #wiptrip picture and WIN!  Magnets are free for all clients and are at both gyms. If you are not on social media or you are marked private and would like to participate you can email your photo to We will be awarding our favorite WIPTRIP picture a $50 WIP gift card at the end of August.  #WIPTRIP

    Mary Kate and Laura

  • Please join us in welcoming Beth Morin of BAM PT and Wellness Center!

    Hello WIP Members,

    My Name is Beth Morin. I am a Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist renting space in the Avon WIP Fitness office, for BAM PT and Wellness Center, LLC. This is a cash-based business offering a different approach to Physical Therapy than a typical PT office. I have specialties in Sports, Movement and Manual Therapies.

    I have a diverse educational and work experience background. My original was  a Bachelors Degree in Therapeutic Recreation (1997-emphasis on sports and fitness for people with physical disabilities), a Second Bachelors Degree in Human Nutrition (2004), a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy (2009), I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since (1999), as well as 8 years of various educational tracts throughout the field of Physical Therapy.

    I also have extensive training in Movement Analysis, utilizing FMS, SFMA, Y-Balance, and a variety of other jump, squat, and agility evaluations. In addition, I have attended multiple courses at the School of Osteopathic and Manipulative Medicine at Michigan State University for the past 4 years. I will use all of this education and training experiences to best evaluate and treat clients that come to the BAM PT and Wellness Center, LLC. I will be offering: Injury-Prevention, Movement Analysis/Assessment, Return-to-Sport Analysis and Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy (for balance, posture, and stability), Dry Needling, Cupping, Kinesiology Taping (for pain reduction and neuromuscular training integration), Massage Therapy, Specific Sport Skill Training, and Corrective/Stabilizing/ and Strengthening Exercises for all levels of fitness and movement dysfunctions.

    I am very excited to work with Laura, Mary Kate and all the coaches to best serve the Members of WIP Fitness for their best performance with injury prevention, proper movement and alignment, to meet individual goals safely and effectively.

    I look forward to meeting and talking to as many of the WIP Members as I can over the next few months, to see how I can help meet the needs of the members to best benefit the Health and Wellness of the Members of WIP Fitness.



    Beth Morin, PT, LMT

    BAM PT and Wellness Center, LLC (Balance, Agility, & Movement)

    369 West Main Street

    Avon, CT 06001

    (860) 716-7620

  • Why WIPsters should practice Yoga...

    "I can't do yoga--I'm not flexible enough!"

    It's the most common excuse I hear for why someone can’t practice yoga. And it's ironic, because it's one of the main reasons someone should practice yoga. Yoga can and will make you more flexible.

    Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me also say that yoga is for everybody. I mean it—everybody. Bring me your tight hamstrings, your inability to touch your toes, your wobbly balance, your busy mind and fidgety body. All these may lead you to believe that you aren't suited for the practice, but it's all exactly why you should try yoga. 

    Need more reasons? There are hundreds of benefits to yoga, but I'll just touch on a few, especially those pertaining to WIPsters. 

    Yoga improves your range of motion and mobility, which will help in nearly everything you do in your WIP workouts.

    Yoga helps you focus. When we hold poses, we focus our gaze and our breath, and this leads to improved concentration off the mat. 

    Yoga helps improve your balance. 

    Yoga gives you very important time and space to relax. Chances are, most of us don't get to do this enough. But whether it's the short meditation at the beginning of class or the blissful Savasana rest at the end, these moments are so vital as our lives become busier and busier. 

    Yoga really is a workout. It's so much more than just "stretching” (another common misconception I hear). It engages muscles you don't necessarily use all the time, and as we flow through poses, you can and will definitely work up a sweat. 

    Yoga relaxes the nervous system, which, among other benefits, can help with insomnia and help you sleep better overall.

    Yoga loosens and lengthens tight muscles, which is a perfect counter to your WIP training, running, or other sports. 

    So come join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 in West Hartford! Please keep in mind that if you are attending the 9:15 am workout on Sundya you are welcome to stay for yoga free of charge.

    And if you have any concerns before your first class, feel free to reach out... I’m happy to answer any questions: