• Workout Early Morning in Downtown and take advantage of a SWEET DEAL!

    The early bird gets the worm and in this case they get a great deal too. We want you to start the year and the day off right. We are offering 6 weeks of workouts starting January 1 - February 11th at 6 and 7 am in Downtown Hartford for $67. Thats right only $67 unlimited for 6 weeks. Come get WIPped, use our showers and be ready to start your day off feeling incredible. Here's the catch, you may only workout at 6 & 7 am and only in Downtown Hartford. New clients, punch card holders, challenge pass members and/or...anyone is elgible for this deal. If you would like to take advantage of this great deal but you want to occasionally attend a weekend class or another location feel free to purchase or use a punch card for those visits. Dates are firm. Please purchase your 6 and 7 for $67 pass here!

  • December Programming Theme- "Holiday Heatwave"

    “Holiday Heatwave”


    The colder weather is finally upon us and the excitement of December festivities brings about a sense of joy as we spend time with those that mean the most to us. As we draw closer to these fun (maybe stressful) experiences our normal schedules and routines can easily go out the window as we succumb to the “Holiday Helper” syndrome where we tend to have our hand in everything and our busyness takes over. We need to beware of this syndrome as it will easily consume our fitness/wellness/sanity goals if we let it. We need that one hour in our day to live in the moment without any distractions, sweat alongside fellow WIPsters, and to feel alive. This time is necessary for making us better wives/husbands/parents/siblings and overall happier and more productive human beings.


    As we embark upon this Challenge month there will be many temptations to forsake our goals, scrap the whole thing, and just partake in what everyone around us is eating, drinking, or doing, but this is not what we signed up for. We accepted the challenge to be better people this season and overcome our weaknesses. We desire to succeed!


    Now despite how much we desire success we must also realize that these moments with family and friends are precious times which need to be enjoyed and remembered and with that comes balance. The reality of the holiday season is that most of us will stay up a little later at times, commune a bit longer, and eat and drink more delicious delicacies that might plague us with guilt, but the good news is that we have coaches who are looking out for you this month.


    We are kicking things into high gear and keeping you toasty with our “Holiday Heatwave” theme which will focus on more metabolically-centered workouts to keep your heart rate up and guilt a little lower. For the last couple weeks of December we will also tweak some aspect of the workouts by progressively changing the time or number of rounds to make it a little bit more of a challenge when you will want it the most.


    We wish you an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to coaching you toward your own personal success!

    Enjoy the sweat,




  • Volunteering Opportunities

    With the first few days of the challenge underway, we wanted to share a few ideas for where you can volunteer. Volunteering must be documented by emailing with the date, location and hours volunteered. If you aren't sure that your volunteering experience will count for points, please just email or to check. Here are some ideas to get you started. Another great idea recommended by a client is to volunteer at your local nursing home. Please be sure to call ahead to set up your volunteer session.

    Loaves and Fishes- 860-524-1730

    Serving the community since 1984, the mission is to provide food and leadership in the community by uniting and mobilizing resources to empower people to be self-sufficient.

    646 Prospect Ave Hartford, CT 06105

    Donations- In need of winter glove donations

    Gifts of Love-860-676-2323

    Works with individuals and families going through tough times (illness, reduced work hours, financial crisis etc) to help meet their most basic needs through food, clothing, housewares, etc. and enables them to focus on putting their lives back together.

    34 East Main St, Avon CT 06001

    Donations- In need of new and/or used toys and gifts for the holidays, bedding, food donations

    Volunteering – reach out to Nancy Carlson directly (860-676-2323) - opportunities could include working at the food pantry, stocking/storing supplies, working with clients directly, working on organic farm and much more!

    Hands on Hartford-860-728-3201

    Hands on Hartford puts caring into action though food and neighborhood services, emergency assistance, weekend meals for seniors and after school tutoring programs.

    55 Bartholomew Ave Hartford 06106

    Donations- financial and food donations (pasta, rice, beans, peanut butter, cans etc)

    Laura (860-706-1522)

    My Sisters Place- 860-895-6629

    Seeks to end homelessness by empowering women, families and others in Greater Hartford to achieve independence and stability in their community by providing housing and supportive services.

    Donations- laundry detergent, paper products (paper towels, plates, napkins), gift cards (Wal-Mart, Shop Rite $25 dollar increments), household cleaners


    Animal Friends of CT- 860-827-0381

    Work with stray and abandoned animals, recently had to take in 21 abandoned kittens, which has drained a lot of donated resources 

    Donations- cat food (dry –preferably Purina One & wet – preferably Fancy Feast, litter, money donations 

    Volunteering- call Jean directly (Shelter Manager) 860-489-4901- socialize with the cats, cleaning, sweeping, shelter management 

    HARC Inc- 860-218-6000 

    Helps people with intellectual disabilities and their families enjoy lives of quality, inclusion and dignity by providing support, education and advocacy

    Donations- financial donations, arts/craft supplies

    Volunteering- contact Laura Daly ( prefers volunteers be in a group (no more than 10 people), hours are between Monday-Friday 10am-2:30pm.  Interacting with those with intellectual disabilities


  • Owning a Small Business

    Owning a small business is a roller coaster ride. The highs and lows come at rapid fire pace. Seeing pictures of 30 WIPsters working together at Fenway on a beautiful fall day to conquer the Spartan brings such joy to Laura and I. The emails we receive from clients talking about how our coaches and our workouts have changed their lives is the most humbling and satisfying part of the job. On the flip side, this month Laura and I were woken with phone calls at the 5:00 am hour with news of a flood in WeHa, no power in Avon (twice), a broken lock which resulted in a broken window in WeHa, a non-working key in Downtown, and too much heat Downtown. Don't get us wrong, the highs always outweigh the lows, and our amazing coaches that have to handle these things are the glue that binds us together. This month Laura and I are celebrating 5 years of partnership, we filed for Work in Progress LLC in Novemeber of 2012. We are so Thankful for all of you who have been on this amazing ride with us. THis Saturday is Small Business Saturday, one of our favorite days of the year. We will be bringing back our 3 pack of punch cards for $33 (limit 2 person) you may gift an additional 3 pack to a friend or family member as well. This is our lowerst per class price of the year. Whether you purchase a 3 pack with us or not, we hope you will consider spending some of your hard earned money at a Small Business this Saturday.

    We look forward to continuing this ride together. 

    Mary Kate and Laura

  • December Challenge

    We know that December is an atypical time to be offering a fitness challenge but this isn't your regular challenge. This time of year is frought with so much to do and not enough time to do it. We know that your workout schedule and nutrition are thrown to the wind, believe us so are ours. So this holiday season lets focus on maintaining our weight and our sanity. We received a thoughtful email from a client that inspired us to create a challenge with a focus on balance and gratitude. So with those 2 mantras in mind we will kickoff this month-long event.

    This is how it works:

    • The Challenge will start December 1st and ends December 31st and all participants receive unlimited workouts at all locations.
    • Every person who joins the challenge will receive an exclusive WIP winter hat AND 1 hat will be donated to a local charity on your behalf.
    • You will receive points and the person with the most points will win 1 Free month at WIP Fitness. 

    Points will be awarded for:

    1. Working out at WIP
    2. Maintaining your weight for the month
    3. Volunteering at a local charity
    4. Making a Donation
    5. Admire and Inspire
    6. Taking time for yourself and much more

    In addition to the person who wins the challenge and the free month, we would like to anonymously gift a free December Challenge Pass to someone who may not be able to afford it. Please send a confidential email if you know or are someone who could benefot from this.

    If you are going to participate in the weight maintenance portion of the challenge you will need to weigh  in from Nov 29th-December 2nd and again from December 29th - January 2nd.

    The price for the Challenge is $25 for Unlimited Members until Small Business Saturday (11/25) and will go to $30 after SBS.

    The price for the Challenge is $90 for Punch Card or New Members until Small Business Saturday (11/25) and will go to $100 SBS.


  • November Programming Goal

    Suspended in Sweat

    Do you remember those moments in your childhood where you experienced the freedoms of climbing down a rope from your backyard treehouse or balancing on various unstable objects at the local playground? As a kid you never realized the benefits of these physical tasks because you did them for fun, yet you became a better human being because of them. Life wasn’t about how many sets or reps you did on the monkey bars that day, it was all about having the freedom to play because you were able to and by using the imperfect objects around you to climb on, jump from, dodge, and support yourself with, made you more aware, stealthy, and fit.


    Due to our adult responsibilities we may not have the limitless amount of time we once did as young tykes to think about which tree branch we should hang from for the next 3 hours but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t reap many of the benefits that we once acquired back then.


    One of the things I really enjoy about WIP is the variety of movements we program along with the tools we incorporate to get the job done. To be honest I have always been a person who believes in the “less is more” philosophy and that it doesn’t take much equipment for a person to become healthy, strong, and physically equipped for whatever life throws at them. That is why one of my personal favorites for fitting this criteria is Suspension Training- in our case at WIP, the Jungle Gym (JG).



    Walk into most big box gyms today and you will often times find the suspension straps (if they have them) hanging over in the scary dark corner either completely vacant, or worse, being used by some creeper doing weird things with them. This is sad as I believe this piece of equipment is one of the most underutilized and most effective for developing all around functional strength capabilities. There are many benefits to this training method but I have only listed some of them below:


    Balance & Coordination- Being able to support yourself in an upright position with one foot on the ground while having your opposite foot hanging in a strap behind you causes you to wobble, yes, but also challenges your neuromuscular system to help you find your center and coordinate movements.


    Core and Joint Stabilization- Anyone familiar with this tool will tell you that nearly all movements require some sort of core stabilization. When using 2 unstable straps you run the risk of flailing in all directions known to man if your core is not tight and engaged with each repetition, and because of this, the stabilizer muscles surrounding your joints have to work extra hard to keep you in proper posture.


    Scalable- By adjusting how high, low, far back, far forward you position your body you can control the amount of leverage you want in order to increase or decrease the difficulty of the movement.


    Variety- The many movement variations this tool presents allows for a full body workout with only your body weight. The exercises are endless and the fitness rewards are huge!


    This month we will be integrating some new JG movements into the mix as well as adding a little flair to existing ones in an effort for you to continue to reap the benefits of suspension training. Along with this you will also experience some longer round times so that you can get the most out each station and to enjoy sweating it out ;)!


    Here’s to suspending in sweat,



  • Humans of WIP

    The WIP community is what sets us apart and we have been working on a way to share the unique stories of our WIPsters...and thus Humans of WIP was born. We see you inspiring each other and making connections every day and we would love to hear more about your WIP story. We will be kicking off this series this week. If you have a story you would like to share, please email or

    Humans of WIP - The WIP Community 1 story at time. 

  • October Programming Focus-Core Strength


    Now I want you to be honest with me for a minute. How many of you originally started working out due to a dream of someday becoming the proud new owner and operator of a pristine 6-pack and chiseled core? Don’t act like the ABhancer above wasn’t ever a promising thought that crossed your mind (we have all thought it).


    The countless videos, infomercials, magazine ads, and TV shows have all sensationalized the washboard physique and have created a culture of the ideal look. Marketing has done a great job of selling the “It only takes 6 minutes a day” concept but most of us who have either tried these methods in the past or have been working out for a while now know that this is false. It takes pure hard work day in and day out to for you to see gains in the midsection and the reality is that our diets for the most part control much of our aesthetic outcomes.


    As we enter October we will be placing our emphasis on the “Core.” Now you may be asking yourself “Why are we focusing on our core after summertime when we have already put the midriff or speedo in the closet for the season?.” So glad you asked.


    When we hear the word core we often attribute it to our abdominals but it is so much more than that. All the major muscles that move, support and stabilize your spine are called the muscles of your core and trunk. These include the Rectus Abdominis, Erector Spinae, Obliques, Transverse Abdominus, and Multifidi which all synergistically work together from the front of your body to the  back in order for you to bend, twist, stand, stabilize, and move. We have come to a great age in fitness where we understand that isolated ab work most often does not carry over to being an agile and cheetah-like human being capable of everyday functional feats of strength and prowess. Our bodies are not meant to move in isolated ways but rather as one unit. This is why your coaches here at WIP Fitness program dynamic movements that engage all aspects of your core. We are about movements not isolated muscle groups.


    Now, don’t get me wrong directly working the abs can be fun and give you that feeling of superhuman core tightness to help you seize your day but in the end full body core strength is what’s important. That is why in October you will see a little more core isolation work but most of our movements and coaching will be centered around learning to use your core as a unit to create what we call Midline Stabilization. Midline Stabilization refers to ability to maintain a neutral spine through full range of motion. All of your core muscles help to keep your spine stable and stiff and allows you to use your prime movers such as the muscles in the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and spinal erectors more effectively. Using your core the correct way results in you lifting more weight, recruiting greater power, and keeping you away from injury. Every time you plank, pullup, squat, press, deadlift with a neutral spine you are strengthening your core.


    Here is what to begin practicing this month when lifting and moving (Taken from Dr. Kelly Starrett). This bracing sequence is best practiced without lifting and by standing in place.


    1. Squeeze your glutes- This locks your hips into a neutral position

    2. Pull your ribcage down to your hips as if your doing a miniature crunch- This helps you avoid overextending your trunk

    3. Tighten your belly by drawing your belly button into your spine (note that you should still be able to breathe comfortably in this position)- This helps to create intra-abdominal pressure and the proper positioning for your back

    4. Set your head to neutral and screw your shoulders down to a stable position. Your head should be in a straight alignment with your spine and you want to feel the tips of your shoulder blades reaching toward your hips

    That tightness and rigidity that you feel in your core is what you must maintain in order to experience the benefits of Midline Stabilization. Practicing these steps may not give you a 6-pack by the end of October but it will certainly bring you closer to becoming that agile inner cheetah you have always wanted to be.


    Be Ferocious,



  • WIP Workout Buddy Pass

    Its almost October and at WIP that means its Bring A Friend Month! This year we are shaking things up. 

    Laura and I have been workout buddies for going on 7 years and we continue to understand how important it is for accountability and fun factor to workout with a friend. One of the best parts about owning WIP is all the workrout buddies we have met. This year to celelbrate the workout buddy we are offering a WIP Workout Buddy Pass or WIP WBP.

    This is how it works. 

    1) Invite a New Friend (or one that hasn't been to WIP in more than 6 months) to purchase a $20 - 2 Week WIP Buddy Pass.

    2) New Buddy must then email or with the name of their  WIPster friend. 

    3) WIPster receives a free class ( on punchcard) or $10 off next months dues (if unlimited member)

    4) Train together at any WIP location and have a blast!!!

    5) New Buddy buys punch card or membership and WIPster gets normal referral bonus


    Rules and regs:

    • Free week trial cannot be combined with 2 week Buddy pass
    • Buddy must be NEW to WIP or not have attended a class in more than 6 months
    • Member must be active punch card holder or Unlimited member
    • Pass must be purchased and activated by 10/15/2017

  • Power and Precision Brick Workout with Laura C

    Coaches Series: Power and Precision-The Brick Workout

    We are excited to announce that a new coach’s series workout is right around the corner and this time it will be at our newest location in downtown Hartford.

    This 90 minute workout will be like nothing you’ve experienced at WIP before as we explore the impact that small and precise movements can have on our bodies. This workout will have a Pilates/barre type feel to it and will leave you feeling sore in places you didn’t know possible but also ready to conquer the world! 

    I will be spending the first 50 minutes with you on the mat (feel free to bring your own yoga mat or use ours at the gym). Don’t let the words “Pilates” or “barre” misguide you, however. This will be a powerful 50 minutes with high intensity, intricate moves that will pinpoint specific areas of our bodies in ways we have never done before. Not a dancer? Not particularly graceful? Not necessary. This workout is designed for our kind of people…the athletes, the AMRAPers, the runners, the people who aren’t afraid to feel uncomfortable. 

    Once our 50 minute gym session concludes we will hit the streets of Hartford and head down to the riverfront where 8 flights of stairs and interval training awaits. Be ready to feel the burn as we tackle our final 40 minutes together as a team.

     It is important as you continue on your fitness journey to always keep your body guessing. We must never become complacent in our routines and this workout will surely not disappoint. Always remember that with challenge comes change. I challenge you to take this journey with me!

    This coach’s series will be held on Saturday, September 23rd at 12:30pm in Downtown Hartford. Remember that parking is FREE in downtown on the weekends. The cost is $25 and the workout is limited to 12 people.  

    Purchase here