• The Coaches Meeting Patrick

    So I am writing to tell you what went down at our Coaches Meeting a couple weeks ago, but first here’s a “little” back story.

    Back in late June, Mary Kate and Laura provided me the incredible opportunity to attend the Perform Better Fitness Conference in Providence, RI. As expected, I felt like a small fish in a big pond as I walked the hallways with many of the bigwigs in the fitness industry. It was a dream to be able to introduce myself to fitness guru, Alwyn Cosgrove, who inspired me long ago to live a fit and healthy life after reading one of his Men’s Health published books. I’m sure he’ll remember me when I see him next ;)

    Over the course of the weekend I sat through various lectures on biomechanics, workout programming philosophies, business practices, as well as a variety of hands on workout methodologies. Despite the overwhelming amount of information that still needs to be sorted out in my mind from that weekend, there happened to be one very successful individual who left the most significant impression. His name is Martin Rooney. Coach Zack told me before I left for the conference that if there is one person I MUST hear speak that weekend it would be him..and I am so glad he told me to!

    The first class I had with Martin was with about 200 other coaches in a massive conference room and I knew it was going to be interesting when he started off his class by teaching us how to properly perform a Jumping Jack. Yes, he coached us through the mechanics of a movement I’ve been doing since I left my mother’s womb. But what I realized he was doing really didn’t have anything to do with learning the science of the jumping jack, rather his point was all about connecting with us as a coach and motivating us to be successful at it. Teaching us how to break down one of the most basic exercises in the world was just the method he chose. His energy made me jazzed about doing a jumping jack and that is what it was all about. For the remainder of Martin’s class, his workout didn’t consist of any new magical exercise that cut body fat in record time or brilliant technique that chiseled sleeve ripping biceps but it happened to be the most impactful because he differentiated what a Trainer is and a Coach is. Let me share some of these with you:

    A Trainer Lights A Fire Under Someone.

    A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Of Someone.

    A Trainer Affects The Hour They Are With Someone.

    A Coach Affects The Hours They Are Not With Someone.


    A Trainer Hopes To Get Through The Session.

    The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.

    A Trainer Stretches Your Legs.

    A Coach Stretches Your Limits.


    A Trainer Counts Your Reps.

    A Coach Discounts Your Excuses.


    A Trainer Wants You To Do Your Best.

    A Coach Wants You To Do Better Than Your Best.


    A Trainer Develops And Delivers Your Workout.

    A Coach Creates And Cultivates Your Purpose.

    Training Is Something You Do To Someone.

    Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone.

    Wow! If you aren't inspired to have a coach like that I’m not sure what will do it for you.

    So after a long winded explanation about my conference weekend what do you think was the main focal point of our Coaches meeting?

    Some of you might say that it was about the coaches becoming better at their jobs, and that’s partly true, but it is so much more than that. The reality is that it was all about you- our WIP community! You are the reason we are coaching in the first place. Everything we do, the decisions and improvements that we make are all for your benefit. For us it is not about punching in and punching out each day. This is not optional and does not make us content. It is coaching you to climb the rope for the first time and seeing the sense of accomplishment on your face or pushing you to get that extra burpee at the end of a killer finisher so that you become 1% better that day. Maybe it’s energizing you in the early morning to take on the day so that you can influence others or being the solace of positive energy you need after a rough day at the office.

    At WIP we are not Trainers, we are Coaches, and as your Coaches we will continue to strive to become better at who we are for your sake. We want to be great so that we can come alongside you and help you be great. This is what we aspire to be!

    I am so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing cast of Owners and Coaches who care deeply for you. As Coaches we look forward to being a part of your future progress and success.

  • What type of gym is WIP?

    A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office, meeting with Patrick. Patrick had recently attended an industry conference in Rhode Island and had some questions for me. He asked, “What type of a gym is WIP?” When he was at the conference that was asked over and over. Are we a weight loss gym, a women’s gym, a power-lifting gym? I’ll admit I was surprised that the answer didn’t just roll off my tongue. I focused on answering what type of gym WIP is to ME, and Patrick asked me this question on the perfect day.


    I had just finished 1 of my favorite weeks of the year. Our annual week in the OBX in North Carolina. I had eaten and drank more in 1 week than I normally do in two. I didn’t exercise at all, minus some intense beach paddle ball and Kan Jam sessions. We drove home 13 consecutive hours, woke up the next morning and drove directly to Gilette Stadium to see my all time favorite band U2 and while at the concert I received a call from our contractor for our Downtown Hartford location setting up a meeting for first thing the next morning. It was not going to be a good meeting. We didn’t get home until 3 am, I couldn’t sleep, so woke up at 6:00 am and attended a very intense workout with Patrick in WeHa. I can’t remember the last time I was more physically tired since having three babies at home under the age of 4. But one hour later, I felt better than I could have imagined. I had 6 amazing workout buddies, a ridiculously talented and energetic coach and felt ready to take on not just the world but also the stresses of an over budget and way behind schedule construction project.


    The simple answer, I am not going to tell anyone what type of gym WIP is. I know what WIP is for me. WIP is a place that you can lose weight, build muscle, get toned, beat personal bests but it is also a place that you can relieve stress, forget about a nagging problem and meet friends. In many ways this explains why we have shied away from a lot of the recent fitness trends. For instance, the heart rate leaderboard craze has always turned me off, some days I am not looking to push as hard as others, some days just showing up and moving through the workout at my own pace is all I’ve got and I don’t want to compare myself to what others are doing. Some days I wear my own monitor and receive private satisfaction from kicking serious ass, but that is my choice.  Sometimes I compete in the weight loss portion of challenges and sometimes I am not there. The same reason we don’t ever force anyone joining our challenges to take before and after pictures or change their profile pictures to advertise for us. These business decisions are dictating what WIP is and I feel like that should  be up to each WIP client. And whether WIP is the best part of your day, we celebrate that as much as if you think it is the worst part of your day, we just feel so happy that you chose to spend an hour of your valuable time with us and want to help you reach realize whatever you have set out to do within our four walls, no matter what that is.


    Mary Kate

  • Lets start July out with...A RUN?!?

    Patrick, Leah, and Zack have written some great workouts for July. Read on for Patrick's details of what we will be up to this month at WIP.

    I hope you enjoyed this past month’s “Summer Fun” workout theme filled with new achievements to your roundhouse kick and shredded washboard abs :) !


    Taking advantage of this amazing summer weather we will direct our July focus on being “Runfit!” Our programming for this month will incorporate a little more running than usual to keep that heart rate high and your WIP body fit.


    Coming from a running background I have always found extreme benefit intermixing short bursts of running into my strength and conditioning  workouts to provoke a stimulus that can improve both work capacity (ability to do more work) and stoke the metabolism to burn calories for hours post workout and often times days.


    In order for you to capitalize on these benefits, you have to make the most of each short run interval and keep your intensity level very high. Yes, it will feel  uncomfortable but just remember this saying “My effort expended will determine the reward I will reap.” The same can be said for any non-running movement in our workouts as well as almost anything we aim to accomplish in life.


    I know that many of you non runners out there are thinking “Oh great, my nightmare has become reality,” but fear not, you will not be running everyday and when you do run it will be doable to the point where you might actually like it...maybe. So expect some kind of running and/or agility movements (yes I will categorize agility in the running category)  interspersed at different points throughout the week.


    So whether you end up walking, jogging, running, or sprinting always remember just how awesome you are for showing up each day and giving it your best. Commit yourself to being 1% better everyday so that one year from now you will be 365% better than you ever thought you could be.



    Be great,



  • Hartford is Coming

    We've been so anxious to share the details of our third WIP location in downtown Hartford and we are thrilled to say we are almost there.  We have been working nonstop and hope to have our doors open by the end of July and we will keep you updated on the final touches. 

    Although not all the details have been finalized, we are beyond excited to bring WIP Downtown and wanted to share some of the things we DO know for sure and answer some of your questions.

    1) We WILL have showers. The building of men's and women's bathrooms with showers explains the lengthy buildout.

    2) We WILL have early am classes, lunch session(s), and evening sessions, and plan to be open over the weekend. As with our other 2 locations, our schedule will evolve based on client demand, but we look forward to opening with a robust schedule.

    3) There is free parking on Pratt St before 8 am, and there is typically plenty available street parking on surrounding streets.  We are also working on negotitating WIP rates with a local garage.

    4) We hope to have all of your favorite WIp coaches working in our Downtown location as well as in WeHa and Avon. 

    5) WIP Downtown is located at 55 Pratt St and we are so excited to be part of the vibrant Downtown landscape and especially excited to be part of the Pratt St community.  

    We were inspired by our NEW DOWNTOWN address at 55 Pratt Street, we thought what better way to mark the location than to offer you your first month at WIP Downtown for $55. This is a presale and only the first lucky 55 people will get this great deal. This rate applies to New and Current clients but can only be used in our Downtown location. The pass will activate when you attend your first Downtown class. If you are a new client you will still be entitled to your free week trial and the pass will be activated at the end of your trial. You can purchase the pass at our online store

    We will continue to keep you posted on all updates as they come.  We continue to work hard to bring WIP workouts to Hartford within the month and look forward to working out with you soon at 55 Pratt Street!

    Hartford Has It...and we are excited to be part of it,

    Mary Kate and Laura

  • June Programming Goal... Summer Fun!

    Coming off a tough Challenge month I hope you feel as if you have experienced gains in your overall fitness, achieved the goals that you had set for yourself for the month, and ultimately created positive lifestyle habits that will continue for a lifetime.


    “So how can I possibly keep motivation and energy high after a Challenge month ends?” you say. Well you’ve come to the right place. Enter “Summer Fun.”


    The idea stems from two female owners (will remain nameless for the purposes of this story) who after morning classes one day frolicked through the gym reminiscing of their glory days and wishing there were special WIP workouts dedicated to some of their favorite 80’s movies. After the conception of their idea I was caught off guard while exiting the bathroom as one of them, whose name rhymes with  “Aurora Leever,” approached me with this life dream of theirs. She was so filled with hope and excitement I couldn’t say no. Then and there I succumbed to the inevitable- the first Karate Kid and Rocky themed WIP workout!


    If I had to describe this month in two words it would be “Variety” and “Fun.” This is what you get to look forward to and be a part of this June:


    Meathead Monday- Focus will be on strength with one “Rehab” strength day to kick off the first day. After a killer month of heavy strength workouts it will be good to take a much needed step back to deload and strengthen the body in a different way to perform stronger in the future. The following Monday will get you back into the heavy mode with a fun Partner workout.


    Tabata Tuesday- Focus is all about the highly effective Tabata interval of 20 seconds work/ 10 sec rest. ‘Nuff said.


    Washboard Wednesday- This day is all about chiseling that 6 pack and much more! The majority of the movements we focus on at WIP are full body compound movements that are always challenging for your core but this day is special in that we put a little extra focus on your Abs, Hips, and Trunk to keep your body solid, stable, and fortified. Expect to also practice your single leg balancing skills :)


    Throwback Thursday- For all those veteran WIPster’s out there, you might appreciate these the most. You will get to experience some classic movements and a finisher that you haven’t seen in awhile.


    Fun Flick Friday- The weekend is here and the time is right! This is when you get to let loose after a long week and embrace your inner Daniel-San or Rocky Balboa with a Karate Kid and Rocky themed workout. Expect a lot of punches and many butt’s to be kicked as you replay the same glory days of those two unnamed women above.


    To Summer Fun!!!


  • WIPsters...eating healthy just got easier with help from Let's Start From Scratch!

    Spring for me means 2 things....allergies and crazy schedules!!  While I seem to have my allergies in check, I just can't seem to get our crazy spring schedule under control.  Between practices, games, school concerts, science fairs and everyday life, home cooked, healthy meals have taken a back seat to Chick-fil-a.   Don't get me wrong, I love watching my three kids play sports and sing on stage, but without fail, there always seems to be at least one night a week where all three need to be at different places at the same time.  Thank goodness for carpools and thank goodness for Molly Baker at Let's Start from Scratch. 

    Lets Start From Scratch is a healthy prepared meals and catering service. Their mission is to provide convinience to delicious nutritious food with minimal cook time and clean up.  WIPsters...eating healthy just got easier for your busy lives.  

    Let's Start From Scratch is partnering with WIP Fitness to offer these delicious, healthy meals delivered conveniently to you each week right at WIP West Hartford!  Not only is Molly's food healthy and easy to reheat, it is absolutely delicious (the Thai peanut Buddha bowl with Chicken is my favorite)!

    There are 5 weekly menu options to choose from, with a minimum order of two meals per week.  Each meal is $13 per person/per meal, orders for individuals or families welcome!  Orders must be in by Friday 5pm for Monday WIP drop off* Vegetarian, gluten free, vegan options available.  All meat is antibiotic and hormone free upcharge of $4 to make the protein organic. 

    To view the weekly menu and sign up, please follow this link:

    Be sure to include WIP Pickup in Subject line and which time you would like to pick up (AM or PM - see times below). Orders must be in by Friday 5 pm for Monday pickup (minimum 2 meals per week).  

     All questions or special requests/dietary notes about food should be sent directly to Molly at

    *Molly will be at WIP West Hartford for food delivery Monday's 9:20-10:20am and 5:15-6:15pm and WIP Avon Tuesday's 9:15am (contact Molly if these times do not work in your schedule).

    Follow Let's Start From Scratch on Facebook and Instagram to see what's cooking!

    Bon Appetit!!  Laura

  • Challenge Programming Goals

    Well its that time again. Time to "spring" into summer fitness and what better way to do so than to commit yourself to our 5 Week Challenge. Not only will you get the chance to participate in our fun events and unique offerings but you will also be able to enjoy the camaraderie of getting your sweat on with like minded people.


    This May our programming will center upon allowing everyone the opportunity to get a healthy dose of strength, metabolic, and of course some Friday fun day endurance. Our schedule for the next 5 weeks will look like so:


    1st, 3rd, and 5th Week

    Monday- Metabolic

    Tuesday- Strength

    Wednesday- Metabolic

    Thursday- Strength

    Friday- Endurance


    2nd & 4th Week

    Monday- Strength

    Tuesday- Metabolic

    Wednesday- Strength

    Thursday- Metabolic

    Friday- Endurance


    No matter what your fitness goal may be, or which type of workout you prefer, it is always important to incorporate all modes of fitness into your routine instead of picking and choosing one type of workout mode all the time. One day you may work really fast, one day you will work a little slower, and another you will work longer.


    Metabolic style workouts push you to work at high intensities for short to mid length intervals of time (typically less than a minute) before you rest. Your goal is to get that heart rate up really high when working. This can challenge a combination of both your anaerobic & aerobic capacity depending upon the workout. A well known metabolic style workout is Tabata timing of 20 sec of strenuous work followed by 10 sec rest.


    Endurance workouts challenge you to sustain and endure longer work times with minimal rest. Your intensity will not be as high as a metabolic workout but working your aerobic system for longer periods of time will help train you, both physically and mentally, to overcome the task at hand no matter how difficult it may be.


    As for strength workouts a common misconception is that they are designed to get you bulky but that is not the case whatsoever. The reality is that these workouts allow you to slow down a little bit, and lift heavier weight to strengthen (think dense, not bulk) the muscle fibers after a lung busting metabolic workout or cardiovascular centric endurance day. You will also work a different energy system within the body while you rest the other. Working and resting different energy systems allows you to come back stronger the next time you perform a similar type of workout. So a good rule of thumb is to never skip strength day...unless of course you need a day off. Trust me, your body will thank you.


    To Challenges!


  • Personalized Nutrition Mini Sessions with Zack

    We are very excited to announce our nutritional component for this years 5 week Fitness Challenge. Our very own Coach Zack will be offering individual nutritional sessions. Zack has extensive experience working with clients to help them achieve their nutritional goals and his background as a WIP coach gives him a unique perspective into your fueling/recovery needs for our WIP workouts. 

    After you sign up for your nutritional session, you will receive an extensive questionnaire and access to sign-up for a 15 minute individual session with Zack where you will discuss your nutritional goals, challenges and hangups. Zack will calculate your macros based on your individual goals and challenges and give you tips for reaching your goals. Zack will also be available for an accountability check-in via email 1 week to 10 days into the challenge to make any adjustments to your plan.

    You will also have access to a private Facebook page where we will share recipes, advice, and encouragement along the way. A proper nutrition plan is vital in reaching your fitness goals and we are excited to work with you during the challenge.

    The cost for the Nutrition Mini Session is $40 and you can purchase here

    Please note you can only purchase the Nutrition add on if you are participating in the 5 week WIP Fitness Challenge.

  • April Programming Goal-Emphasis on the Bookends

    WIPster's we have listened to your survey requests and as we head into April we will be focusing on the bookends of your workout. You will experience a variety of different warmups along with the addition of an optional cool down this month as well. Our goal is to make sure your body is primed for the task at hand and then recovered for the next days workout.

    You will see a bit of a change in the layout of the workout this month, I am persoanlly very excited.


    The benefits of a good warmup and cool down are tremendous. Think of it like going to the movies. Before the featured presentation you are entertained by previews of other movies which prepares you for whats to come next and after the movie you have the credits, which we often don't stay for, but if you stay long enough you may get the benefit of seeing the bloopers.


    As you warm the body up you experience the "exercise previews" where you increase body temperature and blood flow to your muscles, surround your joints with synovial fluid which protects and cushions your joints, and you increase your body's range of motion in multiple directions. You prep your body for work.


    Unfortunately the cool down has received the reputation as the "exercise credits" where many of us are ready to move on with our day and avoid anymore extra movement after a punishing finisher, but remember if you are consistent with it you will reap the rewards (and I'm not talking about your own personal bloopers). The greatest benefits of the cool down is that it gradually reduces your heart rate closer to its resting rate, it continues to circulate blood flow throughout the body which is a crucial step in the recovery process, and it unlocks muscles that have been tightened throughout the workout.


    All these steps are being taken to assure you that we are doing our very best to bulletproof your body in order to steer clear of injuries and help you maximize the quality of your workouts with us.


    All you hard core WIPsters worried about losing work time, don't you fret, the rest time has been reduced between the earlier sections so you will get just as much WIP "fun" as before only now with the benefit of a focused warmup and cooldown.


    Cheers to the warmup and cooldown!


  • Blog Takeover - I walked in with power and sore Beca

    We received this email a few weeks ago from a longtime client and asked if we could turn it into a blog post. We are so happy she said Yes. Thank You Beca for your amazing words, you are what WIP is all about.

    MK and Laura

    This past year was a year of reflection for me, I learned a lot about myself from WIP. I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason. I remember one mom saying how she wanted me to try this boot camp place. I thought to myself "um no thanks I can't do that only crazy fitness people do that". A couple of winters ago I gained a bunch of weight and I wasn't feeling the best about myself. I have tried working out on my own and that didn't go over well because as soon as I felt any pain or didn't like a exercise I would stop or skip it. I did my first challenge with you because I really needed a jump start. I remember seeing Luis and thought oh man I am so not ready for this. The first workout wasn't bad it was the second, third and rest of the days that were hard. I was working 12 hour days and working out with your coaches. At my position I deal with people that I have to prove my skill because I am a female. With your coaches being so motivating it really boosted my moral and I just shined with the confidence that no one questioned me. I walked in with power and sore muscles. I remember Luis saying how do you want to end your day, do you want it to be good enough or the best effort ever or something like that. I would go into work with that mind set and it really paid off.

    Your name for your fitness place keeps getting closer to my heart. After I faced my challenges at work and showed that I am deserving and awesome at my craft. I am truly a Work In Progress, as I grow and get better I love your staff for being so encouraging. Sometimes I feel like they get a peek at my life when I hear Leah saying "dig deep out of that dark place push!!", Paul playing awesome music and saying how we can push out two more reps and Patrick putting that heavier weight in front of you expecting. I have never once felt intimidated to workout here no matter how much weight or lack of weight I can pick up.

    I have reached a peek and now is my real crush time. I need to push and as Zack said "Try to get 1% better than the last time" that is reflecting my workout time and home life. As I set my path in this crazy world I am glad that I have WIP to help me clear my head and help me understand my purpose in this world. This is the time I really need to push the hardest to be the best and conquer my path that I am deserving of. Without WIP I am not sure I could ever completely understand this, I not only have to push harder in the workouts because I know I could do better, but I also need to push harder to achieve the personal goals I set for myself. It's going to suck but the end result is going to be amazing and the pay off will be 100000% happy. I think its important for you to know that you are awesome, thankful I can workout with you and your awesome coaches. I am proud to be a WIPster!!

    So thankful,