• #WIPspiration



    Laura and I were so inspired at our conference in San Diego. Inspiration came from many directions... Michelle Obama, Billie Jean King, the other Lady Bosses we met running their studios, from Barre to Zumba there are so many amazing fitness businesses that inspired us...and intrigued us (ask us about our new pole dancing friends next time you see us). At the end of the day, the place we receive the most inspiration is in our own WIP gyms. This morning, Coach Chinni posted an amazing video of client who hit her 100th class for the year. I remember this client’s, Mallary’s, first class, and I remember the 3 times before her first class when she was a no-show. I remember her tears after her first class and knowing her now and how strong she has become, its hard to believe she is the same person. Laura used the word WIPspiration to describe her and that got me thinking…


    Last week, I was in a workout, doing box jumps. I watched clients flip the new soft boxes higher and higher and it made me think... maybe I can do that. 6 years ago, I attempted a 30” box jump. I have scars on both shins to show how that worked out and I haven’t even done a 24” box jump since that day. Watching all our WIPsters push themselves inspired me and sure enough after clearing the 24” box a number of times, I went for it. I landed on my knees the first time which was hilarious and humbling. But Coach Paul assured me I had the ups and sure enough I did. It felt freaking awesome.


    WIPspiration happens in our gym every day. October is WIPspiration month. Snap a photo of yourself celebrating an inspirational moment in the gym or take a pic of someone else that inspires you to push harder or jump higher and post it up with the #WIPspiration and tag @WIPFitness. All who enter will be entered to win a free WIP sweatshirt.

    Get Inspired,

    Mary Kate

  • September programming goals...get ready to "come into the storm" with us!

    Summer is coming to end.  Kids and teachers are back in school and everyone is working to get back into the routine of life.

     Since it’s always easier to get into a routine when you set goals for yourself and plan ahead, we have gone back to some programming methods that we had used in June and July (which I think were two of our best months) to help you out.  This month we will have an upper and lower body movement to focus on for our strength days, and will incorporate some exercises to help in everyone’s skill development throughout the week.  Handstands will be our upper body skill and Cleans (power, hang, squat, single arm) will be the lower body movement.  These skilled movements are great for building long term shoulder strength, core strength and lower body power.  They are also a great place to help us get back into a routine since we just spent June working on handstand progressions, and the many variations of the Clean have become a staple movement at WIP. 

     We will be kicking off each week with a speed and agility workout to get everyone fired for football season.  We encourage all clients to wear their favorite teams colors and engage in some friendly trash talk as they work on their quick feet each Sunday.

     In addition to revisiting June’s skilled training, we are also bringing back Fun Friday. The theme for this month is, drumroll please….Fortnite, because its a thing.

    If you read Mary Kate’s blog last week about the “Ready Up and Reset” Challenge starting 9/4, or if you have pre-teen/teenage kids in your life, then you have probably heard about the online game sweeping the gaming world and driving parents crazy around the globe.  Buy why should we let the kids have all the fun?  The whole week will be a build up to this Hurricane style work out each Friday.  It will be reminiscent of our Firecracker workouts from July.  Clients will go “into the storm” and most likely a dark place during this high intensity endurance workout.  Hopefully this will help take your mind of the constant battle at home with your kids over Fortnite, it might even include a 50/50 battle of its own...only way to find out is to go into the storm with us!

    Daily Breakdown: 

    Sunday-Speed and Agility

    Monday- Strength

    Tuesday- Metabolic

    Wednesday- Core

    Thursday- Skill Strength

    Friday- Endurance “Hurricane”


    So (re)set your September goals and ready up…let’s go!


  • "Ready Up" and Reset Challenge...and get W Bucks!

    I am so DONE with Fortnite. All summer long Laura and I have been listening to, “Where we Dropping?” “Ready Up” and if I ask any one of my children to do anything the answer is “my match will be over in 15-20 minutes.” I am sure many of you can sympathize, and even if you aren’t familiar with Fortnite, you may be feeling the excesses of summer catching up with you, I sure am. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer, I could live on the beach. I also LOVE a schedule and we have been 100% off schedule since the end of June and it has taken a serious toll. So whether it is your kids addiction to Fortnite, ordering takeout every night of the week, beers on the beach at noon or all of the’s time for the excess everything to stop.  

    WIP is here to help, we are announcing our “Ready Up” and Reset Challenge. From September 4th - September 24th we are offering you the opportunity to get back on track with us. Workout from 9/4-9/24 Unlimited for $75 and let’s help each other get back on track. We will provide amazing workouts, an awesome community and the best coaching on the planet. If you workout for a Fortnite (aka 14 days) of the 21 we will give you W Bucks towards new skins (aka $ off new WIP gear)* we warned you Fortnite has taken over our lives. And for all our unlimited members out there that need a Reset and want to join us, when you workout 14 times between 9/4-9/24 we will give you WIP bucks, just email and say you are would like to “Ready Up” and reset. No charge to Annual, unlimited and Flex members. The cost is $75 for all new clients and Punch card holders.


    We look forward to getting back on track with you this September,

    Mary Kate

    *W Bucks - if you complete the 14 workouts you will be give $5 of WIP gear $25 and under and $10 of WIP gear priced $26 and above. So much new WIP gear is on the way...stay tuned. 


  • Row into August

    For all of you who came up to me this month and said how much you loved the Firecracker theme I really appreciate your feedback! Our coaches did such an amazing job programming both the Wednesday Firecracker workouts and Friday Fun days and it was so great to watch all of you take the extra sweaty challenges head on and finish with a smile on your face. July was a tough month but you were even tougher!

    Since it is summertime and I know how much you love that feeling of slicing swiftly through the water in your boat/imaginary boat,  I am going to make sure that you are well prepared to get yourself back home just in case that boat breaks down. This next month’s theme will be “Row into August” and our workouts will incorporate the row machine 3x per week to make sure you are never ever stranded.

    The row machine is one of those magical pieces of equipment that can be so physically demanding that it will leave the toughest person in the room dry heaving and gasping for oxygen yet so merciful in that you walk (or hobble) away without strain on your joints. This yin and yang effect allows you to experience the same cardiovascular benefits as running and other high intensity movements without feeling so beat up the next day. As you can see in the chart below, out of all the cardio options given, rowing far exceeds most in the ability to be able able to use the body in its full range of motion and utilize both upper and lower body muscle groups with very little cost of impact.


    When searching for the most safe and effective “bang-for-your-buck” exercise it is hard to beat the rower. In the chart below you get a visual of all the muscle groups being used during each phase of the movement. The red is the primary muscle groups and the yellow is secondary. Not only are the muscles and tendons strengthened but the blood flow being pumped throughout the entire body is extremely powerful in aiding the body in recovery as well. Did I say magical?

    In order to make the most of this prodigious movement it is key to focus on good form so that you can get the most out of each “drive” and eliminate any potential for injury. Check out this link to capitalize on efficiency tips to make your next dream row session a reality:

    As for the structure of your week each day will look like this:

    Monday: Strength

    Tuesday: Metabolic w/ Rowing

    Wednesday: Core and Conditioning

    Thursday: Strength

    Friday: Endurance w/ Rowing

    Saturday: Coaches Choice

    Sunday: Metabolic w/ Rowing

    One thing is for certain, rowing is tough! But just remember, when the rowing gets rough just ask yourself, “What would Chuck do?”


    Row on,  Patrick


  • WIP #getyour30 check-in

    WIP #getyour30 check-in


    Summer is flying by and according to my count there are 40 days left before the end of our #getyour30 Summer Challenge. I cannot believe how much putting that little sticker on the chart has motivated me. I worked out 9 consecutive days including an entire weekend with Luis, all so I could put up my little stickers. I am just past ½ through, with 16 workouts logged and a trip to CA on the horizon I have my work cut out for me. I am so thrilled to have this little motivator keeping me on track.


    I want to throw major props to the few WIPsters with perfect attendance, there are a few of them in all 3 gyms! Unbelievable work! All those stickers are pushing me even harder to get in, so Thank You. For those closing in on their 30th workout GOLD Stickers will be arriving to commemorate your 30th workout. Our friend Melissa Weinstock, owner of grace+GRIT will also be giving all the people who complete a special retail reward!


    We would love to hear from you. Are you loving the #getyour30 challenge as much as we are? Is it motivating you to get your WIP on?


    Enjoy the rest of you summer,

    Mary Kate

  • July Programming Focus

    Firecrackers and Fun



    As we finish out the month of June it was great to experience so many of you progressing within your handstands, pistol squats, and rope climbs! Even if you haven’t yet fully climbed the rope, kicked up into a handstand, or ditched the TRX for your pistols you should at least be feeling a  little more confident with the movements having had multiple chances to practice them. Remember, any skill that you want to acquire takes practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute. The great thing is that you can continue to work on movements like the handstand and pistol at home since they require no equipment.


    Since we focused a lot of our time practicing technical skills in June I thought it appropriate to lighten up the mood in July and have some good ole challenging “fun” as well as spark some motivation to help you #getyour30 WIP Summer Challenge off to a good start.  As we enter into the month of the Firecracker I have tasked some of our coaches to create a “Firecracker Workout” each Wednesday that will be the most challenging workout of the Monday-Friday week to keep your heart racing and body burning (in a good way of course :). The movements will be ones that you are already very familiar with but the rep scheme or timing will correspond to the day that its on. For instance, on Wednesday the 4th of July you will see the number 7 and 4 a lot, but on the Wednesday the 18th you will see the similar movements but at a different rep scheme that will center around 7 and 18. Likewise, for the 11th and 25th your timing will focus around those numbers. Make sure to be present because you will not want to miss these!


    Another addition to the weekly mix will be a “Friday Fun Day Workout” where you will be working out within a group or a team atmosphere. This day is all about encouraging your teammates, sweating together, and having as much fun as possible as you go into the weekend. This day will have a game-like feel to it so make sure to bring your relay mindset.

    Below is what your weekly focus will look like starting this Sunday July 1:


    Sunday: General Conditioning

    Monday: Strength

    Tuesday: Core

    Wednesday: Firecracker

    Thursday: Strength

    Friday: Friday Fun Day

    Saturday: Coaches Choice

    The WIP team is looking forward to spending a great July with you and we are excited to bring the heat as you bring the BOOM! to this Firecracker month (sorry I had to take advantage of that dad joke).


    To a hot and schweaty month,




  • Mad Skillz

    First things first, CONGRATS to everyone who stuck with their goal of completing the WIP Challenge this past month! It was incredible to see the energy that you all brought into the gym each and every day. Within just a 5 week period of time we had more people than ever before experience positive results in their health, strength, muscle gain, fat loss, and overall well-being. As you can see, when you are consistent and driven to change, good things will follow. We look forward to helping you reach your next goal on your fitness journey!


    As for June’s focus, we will spend more time concentrating on skill related movements such as rope climbs, pistol squats, and handstands since many of you have expressed a desire to practice these and improve upon them. Mondays and Thursdays will be the day that we will integrate these skill specific movements into our workouts and the goal is for you to experience progression in these by the end of the month.


    The reality of skill work is that it is tough and can oftentimes be frustrating, yet it is incredibly rewarding when you finally achieve your goal! Skill development takes a lot of time to learn along with countless repetitions to get the patterns down. Unlike traditional weight training where you just pick up heavier weight to get stronger, being proficient in a highly skilled movement requires a heavy dose of strength, balance, control, and body awareness to be successful in it.


    Instead of trying to write out and explain the progressions for each of these particular movements I have found some videos that can be of help to you. By no means are these the only ways in which you can achieve these skill sets but I have used many of the methods myself and I will say that if you practice them consistently, you will see results. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be skill schooled! Since you know your own current skill level, take notes and make sure to begin practicing these in your next workout session or even at home.


    What to expect:


    - Mondays you will get to spend some time honing your rope climbing skills, whether you are just learning your first steps or you desire to progress to the coveted legless climb.


    - Mondays and Thursdays you will get see the Pistol Squat implemented as well. Other exercises such as the split squat, lunge, and standard squat (specifically hips below parallel) also assist in supplementing the pistol squat practice.


    -Thursdays you will practice handstand work but you will also do other drills on Mondays that strengthen your handstand such as the Pike Press and Handstand Shoulder Taps from the box.


    Rope Climbing: (Spanish Wrap) (Russian Wrap aka J-hook) (Legless step 1) (Legless step 2) (Strict Legless step 3)


    Pistol Squat:



    Your week will look like this:


    Monday: Strength/Skill

    Tuesday: Metabolic

    Wednesday: Core & Conditioning

    Thursday: Strength/Skill

    Friday: Metabolic

    Saturday: Coaches Choice

    Sunday: Endurance

    Our coaches are a wealth of knowledge so if you need further understanding of a particular skill please don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to be successful...and look cool doing it too :-).

    To mad skillz,




  • Challenge Check-In

    Challenge is well under way. OVer 250 people particiapted in this year's challenge and we have been so inspired by all of you. We all have different things we commit to during this time and for Laura and I it was getting our nutrition on track. We are very lucky...we work at a gym; getting 5-6 workouts a week is a lot easier for us than for most people so adding more WIP was not part of our Challenge Goal this year. This year we focused on getting our nutrition in check. We have been participating in the nutritional challenge with Shana and it has been a huge support for us. We have taken turns packing lunches for each other, we have reduced the amount of beer we drink and taken miimum 3 days off a week from any alcohol, we have even replaced our favorite afternoon pick me up with Cold Brew and Califa almond milk creamer. Here is the crazy thing, it doesn't feel like a sacrafice, it feels incredible. 

    Here was the big surprise to both of us. In addition to the amazing effects of eating right and really planning out and spending time concentrating on our nutrition, this new control started affecting other parts of our lives unrelated to our diet. First of all, we are killing workouts, lifting heavier and more energetic beginning to end. We are reading books before bed instead of snacking and drinking wine. Laura even said to me, "my house is cleaner", and i had to laugh as I had just cleaned out a closet I hadn't opened in years. When the kids were little I used to say, "sleep begets sleep" and I feel like "control begets control". When we have control/moderation in one area of our life it permeates other areas, so we are already making plans to have this newfound control transition right into the summer months.  Just becasue the challenge is ending doesn't mean we are letting go of all these improvements. Its not too late to set your intention and just because the challenge is ending doesn't mean you should roll back all the progress you have made. 

    Keep Challeging Yourselves,

    Mary Kate and Laura

  • May Programming Goal-ENDURE!



    These past few weeks have really been great. We’ve had more people than ever before participate in our 5 Week Challenge and it is has been awesome to see how many of you have already improved in such a short amount of time. For those of you who are new to WIP you are probably asking yourself, “Does this ever get any easier?” or “Will I ever not be sore?”, and my encouraging answer to you is both yes and no :). Let me explain.


    Over the last 2 weeks you have most likely noticed some movements that are similar in nature or have been repeated in multiple workouts. The repetition of these exercises gives your body the practice that it needs to learn these key movement patterns that will eventually turn from difficult to simple and efficient (or at least a lot easier). I liken it to driving a car. Whenever you were first learning how to drive you felt overwhelmed by doing multiple things at once such as constantly looking at your speedometer, staying in your lane and paying close attention to street signs all the while trying to carry on a conversation with your friend in the passenger’s a lot! But what happened as you consistently spent more time behind the wheel?  There may have been some accidents along the way, and potentially others to come (I call these “learning moments”), but over time most of you have become so efficient at this skill that you can pretty much organize your entire life schedule while driving and wonder how you made it to your destination safely without even thinking about it. The same occurs when you continue to gain movement experience and focus on learning proper form- it eventually becomes second nature.


    As far as not feeling sore anymore, you can ask any WIPster who has been with us since the beginning of WIP time and they will tell you that the soreness never really ends. Another piece of encouragement for you, right? As you have experienced, WIP workouts are intense and ever-changing and the madness behind this method is not merely just for variety sake but also to keep your body guessing so that it will continue to make solid gains and never get comfortable. As your fitness level increases you will naturally push yourself harder or lift heavier in order to improve, so even though the movements become easier a change in weight or intensity will continue to spur growth and many times will result in soreness. As you become more fit and achieve a higher level of fitness your recovery time between workouts will be lessened and you won’t feel as sore for as long. Always remember that eating well and taking days off are extremely important in allowing the body to heal and recover. Outside of putting in the effort in the gym, a good diet and proper sleep time is really where you make the gains.


    Now as we enter the next phase of our workouts in May we will begin to focus on our endurance and being able to sustain longer work times. For the last 2 weeks the majority of our work times have been shorter (under 40 seconds of work per rd) but this month you will see longer rounds up to 5 minutes long during the week. We will have 2 days each week that are specifically catered towards endurance but there are some other workouts that will have an endurance effect to them as well. WIPsters who have been with us for a while will be familiar with these timeframes.


    What classifies endurance you ask? For WIP style workouts you can experience the benefits of endurance by either performing a movement for a longer period of time (above 40 sec of work time for many of you, but may be earlier for some of you) followed by short rest periods or your overall work time is large with shorter rounds and short rest periods. So one day you may work for 5 minutes straight without any rest and another endurance day may be Tabata style working for 20 seconds and followed by 10 seconds rest, but consistently for 20 minutes without any extra rest between stations. Anytime you work with short work to rest ratios your intensity will always be lower than if you have longer rest rounds. The point is for you to be able to build up stamina by sustaining longer periods of work time with limited recovery time. Due to this the weight that you use on these days should be light to moderate and you should approach these workouts by pacing out your intensity so that you do not burn out quickly. Remember, the goal is sustainable effort and not exhaustion by mid workout. You should have gas in the tank for the second half of the circuit.


    Below is your schedule for the month of May. We look forward to watching you progress this month and being a part of helping you achieve your goals!


    Sunday: Metabolic

    Monday: Strength

    Tuesday: Endurance

    Wednesday: Core & Metabolic

    Thursday: Strength

    Friday: Endurance

    Saturday: Coaches Choice

    “He conquers who endures.”- Persius

    To endurance,




  • 5 years of WIP!

    Today is the 5th anniversary of WIP. How can that be? Those early days seem like just yesterday and a lifetime away. It would be a lie to say that those first few months weren't incredibly stressful. Not that we don't have stressful days now but it was different in the beginning. After being open for 1 month our average DAILY attendance was 7.67 people. Today in WeHa it is 78.9. Some of you may remember those early days where 1 on 1's were common and Laura and I were at almost every class. Suprisingly, looking back at all those early sign-in sheets and thinking about the beginning I don't feel stress, quite the opposite, I can't stop smiling. Laura and I were so driven to make WIP a success that we refused to face the alternative. Laura is off this week enjoying a family vacation so it is my job to write this year's blog about our anniversary. I don't want to speak for her but I would like to think she would agree with me. Simply put, I am just so proud of us. Proud that we went for it and proud that we made it happen. I Love WIP and look forward to celebrating many many more WIPiversarys.

    To commemorate this special year we have created a T-Shirt for all The WIPsters  who have been with us from the beginning. So if you started working out at WIP in 2013 and have attended with regularity through 2018 (list below) you will be given this T-Shirt. We want to Thank every WIPster for WIPping with us and for all your loyalty. 


    Special Thanks to all our OG WIPsters:

    Kerrie Andrews

    Dave Guida

    Andrea Sweeney

    Maura Bey

    Jenn Searls

    Susan Kamin

    Allison Saulsbury

    Kathleen Wiggenhauser

    Christin Gorman

    Chris Corrigan

    Susan Schaffman

    Megan Mehr

    Maura Droney

    Chris Keever

    Karen Kane

    Monica Ahern

    Aileen Busi

    Tim Walsh

    Matt Dodd

    Kristen Bachorowski

    Liz Hanwalt

    Armena Walsh

    Laurie Lewis

    Mary Kate Doyle

    Laura Keever

    John Doyle

    Irene Rietze

    Josh Hughes

    Ann Kuhnly

    Thanks to all of you,

    Mary Kate and Laura