• Challenge Programming Goals

    Well its that time again. Time to "spring" into summer fitness and what better way to do so than to commit yourself to our 5 Week Challenge. Not only will you get the chance to participate in our fun events and unique offerings but you will also be able to enjoy the camaraderie of getting your sweat on with like minded people.


    This May our programming will center upon allowing everyone the opportunity to get a healthy dose of strength, metabolic, and of course some Friday fun day endurance. Our schedule for the next 5 weeks will look like so:


    1st, 3rd, and 5th Week

    Monday- Metabolic

    Tuesday- Strength

    Wednesday- Metabolic

    Thursday- Strength

    Friday- Endurance


    2nd & 4th Week

    Monday- Strength

    Tuesday- Metabolic

    Wednesday- Strength

    Thursday- Metabolic

    Friday- Endurance


    No matter what your fitness goal may be, or which type of workout you prefer, it is always important to incorporate all modes of fitness into your routine instead of picking and choosing one type of workout mode all the time. One day you may work really fast, one day you will work a little slower, and another you will work longer.


    Metabolic style workouts push you to work at high intensities for short to mid length intervals of time (typically less than a minute) before you rest. Your goal is to get that heart rate up really high when working. This can challenge a combination of both your anaerobic & aerobic capacity depending upon the workout. A well known metabolic style workout is Tabata timing of 20 sec of strenuous work followed by 10 sec rest.


    Endurance workouts challenge you to sustain and endure longer work times with minimal rest. Your intensity will not be as high as a metabolic workout but working your aerobic system for longer periods of time will help train you, both physically and mentally, to overcome the task at hand no matter how difficult it may be.


    As for strength workouts a common misconception is that they are designed to get you bulky but that is not the case whatsoever. The reality is that these workouts allow you to slow down a little bit, and lift heavier weight to strengthen (think dense, not bulk) the muscle fibers after a lung busting metabolic workout or cardiovascular centric endurance day. You will also work a different energy system within the body while you rest the other. Working and resting different energy systems allows you to come back stronger the next time you perform a similar type of workout. So a good rule of thumb is to never skip strength day...unless of course you need a day off. Trust me, your body will thank you.


    To Challenges!


  • Personalized Nutrition Mini Sessions with Zack

    We are very excited to announce our nutritional component for this years 5 week Fitness Challenge. Our very own Coach Zack will be offering individual nutritional sessions. Zack has extensive experience working with clients to help them achieve their nutritional goals and his background as a WIP coach gives him a unique perspective into your fueling/recovery needs for our WIP workouts. 

    After you sign up for your nutritional session, you will receive an extensive questionnaire and access to sign-up for a 15 minute individual session with Zack where you will discuss your nutritional goals, challenges and hangups. Zack will calculate your macros based on your individual goals and challenges and give you tips for reaching your goals. Zack will also be available for an accountability check-in via email 1 week to 10 days into the challenge to make any adjustments to your plan.

    You will also have access to a private Facebook page where we will share recipes, advice, and encouragement along the way. A proper nutrition plan is vital in reaching your fitness goals and we are excited to work with you during the challenge.

    The cost for the Nutrition Mini Session is $40 and you can purchase here

    Please note you can only purchase the Nutrition add on if you are participating in the 5 week WIP Fitness Challenge.

  • April Programming Goal-Emphasis on the Bookends

    WIPster's we have listened to your survey requests and as we head into April we will be focusing on the bookends of your workout. You will experience a variety of different warmups along with the addition of an optional cool down this month as well. Our goal is to make sure your body is primed for the task at hand and then recovered for the next days workout.

    You will see a bit of a change in the layout of the workout this month, I am persoanlly very excited.


    The benefits of a good warmup and cool down are tremendous. Think of it like going to the movies. Before the featured presentation you are entertained by previews of other movies which prepares you for whats to come next and after the movie you have the credits, which we often don't stay for, but if you stay long enough you may get the benefit of seeing the bloopers.


    As you warm the body up you experience the "exercise previews" where you increase body temperature and blood flow to your muscles, surround your joints with synovial fluid which protects and cushions your joints, and you increase your body's range of motion in multiple directions. You prep your body for work.


    Unfortunately the cool down has received the reputation as the "exercise credits" where many of us are ready to move on with our day and avoid anymore extra movement after a punishing finisher, but remember if you are consistent with it you will reap the rewards (and I'm not talking about your own personal bloopers). The greatest benefits of the cool down is that it gradually reduces your heart rate closer to its resting rate, it continues to circulate blood flow throughout the body which is a crucial step in the recovery process, and it unlocks muscles that have been tightened throughout the workout.


    All these steps are being taken to assure you that we are doing our very best to bulletproof your body in order to steer clear of injuries and help you maximize the quality of your workouts with us.


    All you hard core WIPsters worried about losing work time, don't you fret, the rest time has been reduced between the earlier sections so you will get just as much WIP "fun" as before only now with the benefit of a focused warmup and cooldown.


    Cheers to the warmup and cooldown!


  • Blog Takeover - I walked in with power and sore Beca

    We received this email a few weeks ago from a longtime client and asked if we could turn it into a blog post. We are so happy she said Yes. Thank You Beca for your amazing words, you are what WIP is all about.

    MK and Laura

    This past year was a year of reflection for me, I learned a lot about myself from WIP. I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason. I remember one mom saying how she wanted me to try this boot camp place. I thought to myself "um no thanks I can't do that only crazy fitness people do that". A couple of winters ago I gained a bunch of weight and I wasn't feeling the best about myself. I have tried working out on my own and that didn't go over well because as soon as I felt any pain or didn't like a exercise I would stop or skip it. I did my first challenge with you because I really needed a jump start. I remember seeing Luis and thought oh man I am so not ready for this. The first workout wasn't bad it was the second, third and rest of the days that were hard. I was working 12 hour days and working out with your coaches. At my position I deal with people that I have to prove my skill because I am a female. With your coaches being so motivating it really boosted my moral and I just shined with the confidence that no one questioned me. I walked in with power and sore muscles. I remember Luis saying how do you want to end your day, do you want it to be good enough or the best effort ever or something like that. I would go into work with that mind set and it really paid off.

    Your name for your fitness place keeps getting closer to my heart. After I faced my challenges at work and showed that I am deserving and awesome at my craft. I am truly a Work In Progress, as I grow and get better I love your staff for being so encouraging. Sometimes I feel like they get a peek at my life when I hear Leah saying "dig deep out of that dark place push!!", Paul playing awesome music and saying how we can push out two more reps and Patrick putting that heavier weight in front of you expecting. I have never once felt intimidated to workout here no matter how much weight or lack of weight I can pick up.

    I have reached a peek and now is my real crush time. I need to push and as Zack said "Try to get 1% better than the last time" that is reflecting my workout time and home life. As I set my path in this crazy world I am glad that I have WIP to help me clear my head and help me understand my purpose in this world. This is the time I really need to push the hardest to be the best and conquer my path that I am deserving of. Without WIP I am not sure I could ever completely understand this, I not only have to push harder in the workouts because I know I could do better, but I also need to push harder to achieve the personal goals I set for myself. It's going to suck but the end result is going to be amazing and the pay off will be 100000% happy. I think its important for you to know that you are awesome, thankful I can workout with you and your awesome coaches. I am proud to be a WIPster!!

    So thankful,

  • Blizzard Blitz WIP@Home Workout

    Despite our best efforts to stay open this morning, Storm Stella had other plans for us today.  But have no fear...Coach Patrick is happy to "bring some sanity to your insane say".  We hope you enjoy this creative and awesome Blizzard Blitz WIP@Home Workout!  

    What you will need:


    Dish Rag 

    CarryOn Bag or BookBag filled with books to desired weight


    Be sure to stretch and warm up before hitting the below circuit and finisher.  Get after WIPsters and in Patrick's words...we hope you "enjoy the burn"!

    Best, Laura & Mary Kate




  • WIP Magnet + Free Coffee = LOVE

    One of the first WIP merchandise purchases we made 4 years ago was the WIP Magnet.  We gave out these little bumper stickers hoping a few people would throw them on their cars and help spread the word about WIP.  We greatly underestimated their power.  

    It still excites me to be driving around town and spot a WIP magnet (even more exciting when I don't recognize the car).  My kids have a running game of "who can spot a WIP magnet first".  I love when Neighbors and friends tell me they see WIP magnets all over town.  I recently got a text from my brother in law who was driving behind a car in our hometown with a WIP Magnet (north of Boston, 2 hrs away and wasn't a family member).  We even got our first WIP Magnet Member Referral last week!  So thank you all for throwing that little magnet on your cars and for sharing the WIP love.  

    To show our thanks we have partnered with Harvest Country Store & Truffles Bakery to give you a treat.  If you are spotted with one of our car magnets, coffee is on us!  We have restocked both gyms with our car magnets so please grab one next time you are in and slap one on your bumper.  Thanks again for sharing the WIP Love!!!

    Best, Laura & Mary Kate

  • Blag Takeover - Farewell at 90 by Duane

    We just had two beloved clients leave us for a Southern climate. Duane and his amazing wife Jodi have been working out at WIP since last summer. I am sure most of you know them both for their "never-quit" attitude and constant smiles. We wish you both the best on your continued wellness journey. We miss you already and if you are ever in the area we look forward to doing burpees with you again.

    The Entire WIP team

    Farewell at 90

    By Duane

    As my family is entering a new chapter of our lives relocating to Boca Raton, FL, I would like to reflect on my personal transformation as a I say farewell to WIP Fitness.   Eight months ago after I reached my heaviest weight in a very long time, I decided I needed to get healthier and become a positive role model for my family.  It was time for a radical change for me, to start taking group fitness classes and change my eating habits.  I used to feel that since I was so overweight and out of shape, I would be too embarrassed to workout in a group fitness class.  Now, I can't imagine not working out this way.  When I used to go the gym on my own, it was a workout of going thru the motions but never got the same intensity and results as a class at WIP.

    This journey has really been like going from couch to gym plus changing my eating habits but not going on a diet.  The key reason I say it is not a diet because this is a lifestyle change that is sustainable. At a high level, I made the follow changes to my eating habits and lifestyle

    • Significantly reduce the amount of carbs I eat. For example, I will eat a hamburger on a lettuce wrap but yes, I still eat hamburgers.  I hardly eat pasta instead of almost every day.

    • No longer have desserts almost every day, but have real desserts once in awhile.

    • Make smarter eating choices when going out to while still allowing myself cheat meals.

    • A major change is working out 4 to 5 times a week in group fitness

    My time at WIP has taught me a whole new vocabulary.  For the most part, I could barely do these activities initially.  The coaches at WIP are very supportive, help with appropriate modifications and give the right amount of motivation without intimidating you.  Now I can physically do:

    • KBS - kettlebell swings

    • Planks - when I started, I barely held one for 5 seconds, now I could do it for a minute+.

    • Push-ups

    • V-ups

    • High knees

    • Deadlifts

    • Turkish getup

    • Russian Twists

    • 50+ Jumping Jacks in a row

    • Lets not forget everyone's favorite: BURPEES

    I would like to sincerely thank all of the coaches at WIP, especially Paul, Leah and Patrick.  You guys kicked my butt and I truly appreciate it.  I always loved the Saturday and Sunday workouts, they have an extra kick to them.

    Besides the coaches, I would to thank all of WIPsters. I never once felt embarrassed working out here.  It was always very encouraging when someone would randomly tell me how great I look since I first started at WIP.  

    Mary Kate and Laura, you have a great place, with the best coaches and members.  Thank you for building such a great community for working out. Best of luck as you expand to Hartford.  Jodi and I will truly miss our WIP workouts.

    If you are still reading this, let me explain the title.  I am definitely not 90 years old.  However, I did just reach the milestone of losing 90 lbs since I started this journey last June.  I used to joke with my wife that I just want to a “normal fat guy”.  I can proudly say I am now a “fit normal fat guy” .   I never expect to be a skinny guy, however, I look forward to continuing on this healthier lifestyle journey.



  • March Programming Theme-10,000 Hours

    Starting this month program direction has transitioned to Patrick DellaPace. Matt has done an amazing job the last year as our Program Director and we Thank him for all his hard work. 

    Those of you who have read the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell will be reminded of the “10,000 Hours Rule” which suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice of a craft, skill, or task to become truly great at it. Even if you have never read Gladwell’s book you most likely have seen this concept in action by watching athletes in preparation for the Olympics or the countless hours spent by medical students studying and practicing to become a successful doctor. One thing is for sure, doing something well takes hours and hours of focused practice.


    This month we will concentrate our time on going back to basics and practicing our form. The plan is simple- we will highlight a basic movement of the day (most of which you already perform consistently at WIP), provide you the form cues to concentrate on when doing that movement, and work with you in order to perfect it. Even though our coaches talk “form” all the time, we will be spending more of our coaching moments and attention into making sure you are doing the movement of the day correctly.


    Why is this important? So glad you asked. Our goal is for you to activate and train your Central Nervous System (CNS) in order to learn or relearn proper movement patterns through focused practice so that you will:


    1. Train your body to be mechanically efficient with the basic movements so that you will be successful in achieving more complex movements down the road

    2. Be able to recruit more of your hard earned muscle fibers to increase force and power production in order to lift more weight, jump higher, run faster and continue to improve your fitness level in all aspects

    3. Be less injury prone, more awesome and enjoy fitness for a lifetime!

    Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned vet, it’s always beneficial to concentrate on the basics and hone your skills. In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.” As we go into March let’s be about creating great movement habits that we will build upon for years to come.


  • Coaches Series - Buns and Guns

    Strength Coaches Series

    Are you ready to get strong?

    Let me ask you something, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear strength training? Long hours in the gym? Bulky muscles? Nonfunctional exercises.... That’s not strength training that’s specialization training.    

    What I am talking about is training to be good at any physical task life throws at you.  Training that makes picking up your kid when they complain their feet hurt on vacation easier. Training that makes that knee pain go away for good. Training that will improve your marathon time and make 20 burpees feel like a warm-up.  

    In this coaches series I will take you through a workout that strengthens your muscles and joints, improves your resting heart rate (so you’ll burn more calories after each WIP class) and improve your overall fitness level. After this 90 min workout, you’ll be better suited to tackle any WIP workout and whatever life throws at you. Side effects include improved self-confidence and leaving feeling like a badass.  

    The next coaches series will be March 11th, Saturday at 3:00pm. and costs $25. Please purchase your pass here or register for the class and we can charge your card on file.


  • 4 years in...

    The "On this Day" notification on my Facebook feed has been flooding my phone with images and posts of 4 years ago when we were launching WIP Fitness. We didn't open until the day after my 40th Birthday on April 15th, 2013; but this was the time we were announcing our venture and getting the word out. Laura and I were clients #1 and #2 and we are very happy to report that clients #3, 4 and 5 are still active members today, we enjoyed working out with them as much on our first day as we do today.

    4 years ago there were only 2-3 other gyms in our area, now there are at least 10. We have seem a lot of competition come and some leave. A lot has changed at WIP in the last 4 years, including our workouts, our equipment and many of our coaches but the MOST important thing has stayed the same. 

    When Laura and I were meeting at each other's houses over glasses of wine 4 years ago we wrote a business plan for a gym that was very differnt from the gyms that we had been members of. "Our gym" would be run with the ideals of the average client in mind. This statement is still 100% true. Despite being told by many existing gym owners (some who are still competitors) that we could never have punchcards because we "needed to tell people what they wanted to hear and then lock them in". Our punchcard model is alive and well and not going anywhere. We do not charge anyone a bogus activation fee or processing fees to make our monthly rates sound lower. We share our rates online to anyone that wants to know them. We always wondered why no one shares their rates and then we realized its because other gym owners are cutting their clients different deals. Not at WIP, everyone pays the same amount, there are no exceptions, all of our discounts are published and available to everyone that applies and our rates are still far below that of our competitors. When there is a snow delay and Laura and I can't get to a workout because we are home with our kids, we are the ones texting the coaches to please teach a class at noon so we can get our sweat on. We get you and we have your back. The absolute best part is we only hire coaches that completely understand where we are coming from and support and believe in our ideals as much a we do. 

    To say that we are overwhelmed by how far we have come would be an understatement, one thing that remains the same is that we are excited to workout with each an every client and coach as much now as we were 4 years ago. Thanks for being the best workout buddies around.

    See you at the next workout,

    Mary Kate  

    First Friends and Family Workout

    My original headshot taken by Laura prior to our opening, looking very much under 40!